See Rita Ora In A Revealing Nylon Outfit With Gems That Would Make Thanos Jealous

Rita Ora's pre-Oscars outfit has a whole lot of rings and gems.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

rita ora

Pop singer Rita Ora took to her incredibly popular Instagram account to show off yet another amazingly sexy outfit for her 16.1 million loyal followers. This time around, the “How We Do (Party)” singer is wearing a difficult-to-describe black vinyl outfit and a truly ridiculous number of rings. While it is difficult not to stare at Rita Ora’s finely-toned figure, we really cannot stress enough the Marvel-villain level of gems that the musician is showing off in this photo set.

In the first picture, Rita Ora is standing against a stark white, empty set, with a breeze from off-camera blowing her diaphanous skirt away from her black stockings and underwear. Her top leaves her midriff bare, showing off an impressively defined set of abs; to make up for it, the design also includes a pair of opera gloves that allow her massive amount of jewelry to be shown off. Rita Ora’s pre-Oscar party outfit was custom-made for the star by Dreaming Eli, and it is impressive work from everyone involved.

It is the fourth picture in the very comprehensive set of photos that allows Rita Ora to display her jewels, which are on nearly every finger. At a certain point, it is difficult to even see Ora’s fingers under the mass of silver metal and purple, blue, and green stones; describing some of these pieces as rings really undersells just how much of her hands are ensconced in jewelry. It is not quite an Infinity Gauntlet, but Thanos himself would probably be a bit envious of it.

Presumably, this will be the same outfit that Rita Ora will be watching the Oscars in, though it is unclear whether the singer will be attending the 95th Academy Awards ceremony in person or watching from an undisclosed, doubtlessly extremely elegant hidden location. Given that she is married to Academy Award-winning filmmaker and generally incredibly busy guy Taika Waititi, it is probably safe to assume that she has a standing invitation of some kind.

While Taika Waititi does not have any films up for Oscars this year, it does sound like his long-in-development Star Wars film might recently have gotten a lifeline and might even star the director himself (who is no slouch in the acting department). However, before Mr. Rita Ora gets the chance to make a movie in a galaxy far, far away, everyone will have to make it through this year’s Academy Awards.

Infamously, last year’s Academy Awards were interrupted by Will Smith striding on stage to slap Chris Rock, which the comedian only recently directed addressed in his new special. It is hard to imagine that anything close to that dramatic will happen at this year’s ceremony, but we will just have to wait and see whether the Academy can go a night without something shocking happening. If Rita Ora and Taika Waititi are attending, we just hope everyone remains safe from the singer’s own Infinity Stones.