See Rihanna Kissing January Jones

RIhanna kisses January Jones in this Instagram post from the X-Men: First Class actress.

By Britta DeVore | Published

rihanna kissing january jones

Pop music superstar and fashion icon Rihanna wowed audiences with her half-time performance at the Super Bowl on Sunday and she’s continuing to do so in a recently shared photo where she’s seen kissing actress and model January Jones. In an Instagram post, that you can see below, January Jones shared her love for the “Rude Boy” singer writing “Happy Valentine’s Day @badgalriri” in the caption. While Rihanna didn’t respond to her pal’s post, fans flocked to share their love for the talented duo.

The image depicts what looks to be a night out for the two with Rihanna embracing and kissing the cheek of January Jones. Wearing a fur coat worthy of her Mad Men character Betty Draper, Jones is all smiles, flashing her pearly whites at the camera. Dressed for an entirely different season, Rihanna has her hair pulled back, revealing her neck and shoulder tattoos and multiple earrings and appears to be dressed in only a bra from the waist up. 

While this may be one of the only (if not the only) photos out there of Rihanna kissing January Jones, the latter has made it abundantly clear that if the “Umbrella” singer was down, she’d gladly join her in bed. The crush first made headlines back in 2014 when Jones bared it all in a photo shoot for Violet Grey where she also shared who of anyone dead or alive she would have sex with. Confidently, the actress responded, “Paul Newman or Rihanna”. 

january jones

Blowing fans away with not only her sultry and seductive photo spread but also her desire to have the affections of the “Shut Up and Drive” songstress, January Jones’ comments were soon shared by publications around the world. Unfortunately for her, the image of Rihanna kissing January Jones seems to be as far as it’s gone between the two who now call each other friends. But, to be fair, this is a lot further than most of us can say we’ve come to our celebrity crushes so it’s our guess that Jones is still thrilled – something that’s made clear in the photo by the giant grin on her face.

For Rihanna, while she may have shown her affection for her friend by kissing January Jones in the past, she’s now more than happy with her boyfriend Rakim Athelaston Mayers aka A$AP Rocky with whom she has one child and recently revealed that another one is on the way. Friends for years and even previous tour mates, the duo finally made things official to the press in 2021. The following year the couple would have their son with Rihanna just days ago making the announcement following her performance on Sunday night’s Super Bowl showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles that she was pregnant with their second child. 

Like her musical crush, January Jones also has one child, a son named Xander. Although she previously dated stars like Ashton Kutcher and Josh Groban, Jones never came forward with the identity of her child’s father, instead keeping their life very hush-hush and raising the boy on her own. Keeping her face and personal life out of the tabloids, Rihanna kissing January Jones’s cheek is about as close as we’ve come to linking the Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actress with a romantic partner.

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