Ricky Martin Is Being Sued For $3 Million Over Toxic Allegations

By Britta DeVore | Published

ricky martin

Ricky Martin’s days of “Livin’ La Vida Loca” are on a decline after the singer’s ex-manager has threatened to take him to court over the monstrous sum of an allegedly owed $3,000,000. According to Deadline, Rebecca Drucker, who represented Martin for a non-consecutive six year run, filed a complaint with the Los Angeles Superior Court citing that the performer owed her the money which was commissioned. Based on what was referred to as the “management agreement,” the document laid out Drucker and her team’s claims against the pop star, alleging that Drucker “saved Ricky Martin’s career.” Shots fired!

Furthermore, the filing alleges that Ricky Martin went so far as to threaten Drucker and has pushed a nondisclosure agreement upon her to make sure none of the alleged career ruining occurrences ever see the light of day. Not pointing out too many specific details, the words “abhorrent behavior” are thrown around as something that the talent manager both witnessed as a third party and was the target of during her time with Martin. It also laid out a specific example of one such happening when Drucker helped Martin obtain legal counsel following the singer being slapped with a big ol’ lawsuit. Drucker’s filing states that this was one of the times in which she not only emotionally and mentally supported Martin, but also helped him quickly and quietly sweep this vague accusation under the rug, keeping the public out of the goings on. In short – the woman has had enough!

But, grab the popcorn because things get even more messy! The file against Ricky Martin is longer than a CVS receipt with Drucker and her attorney pulling out all the mysterious stops while never quite fully mentioning what exactly happened during the alleged occurrences. Another intriguing accusation with zero details surrounds a “particularly ugly incident in Dubai” in 2018 which saw Martin at odds with his representative, José Vega. Jumping into the gory details, the docket also accuses Martin of not paying his taxes and abusing drugs and alcohol. Drucker is not here to play, y’all, she’s calling Martin out and if he doesn’t settle, it sounds like she’ll unleash the full story behind her allegations. Promising they’ll deliver on the goods should their demands not be met, one of Drucker’s lawyers said that their complaint simply “scratches the surface” and that the talent manager is ready to take this case all the way to the top! If you were hoping for more back and forth between the two parties, you’ll need to wait. As of right now, Ricky Martin and his legal team have not released a statement. They’re most likely keeping their cards close to their chest and seeing what they can do to put an end to this mess before it gets bigger.

If Drucker’s claims are true, it could spell big trouble for The Assasination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story star. $3,000,000 is obviously a huge sum of money and while Martin has raked in the cash over his two decades in the biz, it would be a hard one to pay up. Additionally, if the allegations surrounding the idea that Drucker was able to shoulder a lot of other scandals for Martin are true, he may want to get a better representative as this filing was made swiftly. For those of us watching from the sidelines, hopefully more information surrounding the shocking case will make its way out into the public eye in the approaching days.