Rick Moranis Mistaken For A Capitol Hill Rioter After FBI Reveals Suspect Photo

By Faith McKay | 3 months ago

Rick Moranis

The FBI is using their Twitter account to ask the public for help. They need to identify individuals involved in the Capitol Hill Riots. Shortly after they posted two photos of their latest suspect, known by the reference photo 268, the internet was quick with replies letting them know exactly who they saw in the pictures: famous actor Rick Moranis. Check out the FBI photos for yourself below.

While the helmet is reminiscent of Rick Moranis as Dark Helmet in Spaceballs, the glasses remind fans of most of the actors other famous works. Movie posters reveal that Moranis tended to switch up his frames for different characters. However, they were recognizably oversized for his face.

It wasn’t long before Twitter got Rick Moranis trending, causing many to panic. In 2020, the star was trending after he was assaulted on the streets in New York City. Shortly after, a suspect was arrested in the attack, largely because of people calling in tips. While the actor hasn’t been on screen much in recent decades, he is beloved. Most of us have seen him in Spaceballs, Ghostbusters, or Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. He’s easily likable. It makes sense then that audiences would recognize a likeness to Rick Moranis almost immediately. It also makes sense that fans would be somewhat defensive of him trending on the social network.

While Rick Moranis has been in the public eye a bit more the past couple years, before that, he slipped out of the public eye to live a quieter life. After the actor’s wife passed away in 1991, he continued acting for the next five years or so. However, he had two small children. He soon found that life as a single working dad wasn’t for him. He missed the time with his kids. Around 1996, he started saying no to jobs and staying home more. He was surprised when he realized he didn’t miss it.

After years in Hollywood of making great comedies and many friends, he continued being offered jobs. However, he mostly said no. Notably, we saw him in a commercial for Mint with Ryan Reynolds in 2020. The commercial mostly talks about what a big fan Ryan Reynolds is of Rick Moranis, and how surprised he is that the 67-year-old actor agreed to be in the commercial. For a commercial, it was a big hit with fans who were hungry for more Moranis and enjoyed watching Reynolds have a relatable fan moment.

Currently, we are somewhat shockingly waiting to see a new Rick Moranis movie. Shrunk is going to be a direct sequel for the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids movies. The story will focus on a character played by Josh Gad, one of Moranis’s kids. He wants to be a famous scientist like his father. But then, he accidentally shrinks the kids, as one does.

honey i shrunk the kids moranis

While it’s unfortunate that Rick Moranis is again trending for the wrong reasons, seeing his name certainly got fans talking about how much they love the comedian. A little Rick Moranis nostalgia is never a bad thing.