Rebel Wilson Shows Off Her Dramatic Weight Loss

By Drew Dietsch | 7 months ago

rebel wilson

Rebel Wilson has been typecast in her career. Studios have asked her to “stay bigger” for roles and it has contributed to a perception about the actress that she decided to change. The performer turned 40 this year and decided to dedicate 2020 to getting healthy and losing weight. She set a goal for herself – 75 kg, or 165 pounds – and has finally reached that target weight.

You can get a look at Rebel Wilson and her impressive weight loss through her Instagram account. Check out how she looks in one of her recent posts:

As a comparison, here is what Rebel Wilson looked like in the film Jojo Rabbit that came out last year:

rebel wilson jojo rabbit

Speaking to People, Rebel Wilson says that she used the Mayr Method along with a combination of workouts and frequent walks to help her get to her target weight. The Mayr Method involves clients revamping their dietary habits by eliminating snacking, reducing their dairy and gluten intake, and actually changing the approach to how they chew their food.

And it is hard to argue with the results. Just take a look at Rebel Wilson doing a sprint as part of her exercise routine. It is very apparent that she has lost a significant amount of weight and also appears to be healthier in general.

And it’s been clear all year that Rebel Wilson is proudly showing off her increased fitness and her dramatic weight loss. She made a post for Halloween where she showed off some goofball nunchuck skills in a sexy costume. Again, it is tough to dispute that her diet and workout regime isn’t doing wonders for her.

Rebel Wilson has spoken about her decision to get healthy as not just a simple matter of weight loss, but as a way to change her entire approach to her body and her state of health. Speaking on The Drew Barrymore Show, she talked about how she “suffered from emotional eating and dealing with the stress of becoming famous internationally. There is a lot of stress that comes with it and I guess my way of dealing with it was just like eating donuts.” More than just exercising and dieting, Wilson has committed herself to a new mental outlook towards her weight and health.

What could this mean for her acting career moving forward? Now that she is not being forced into the role of “the big girl” in every project, are there other opportunities for Rebel Wilson that could open up as a result of her change in weight? She is an undeniably strong comedic presence and very attractive to boot. It seems like she could find herself in a whole new arena of parts once she decides to jump back into the world of mainstream film and television.

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As of now, Rebel Wilson’s last film credit is Cats. Considering the critical and social shellacking that movie took, it is not surprising to hear that the actress wanted to take some time to recollect herself and change the course of her career and health. And it looks like she has been incredibly successful in doing just that. Whatever the future holds for Rebel Wilson, we wish her nothing but the best on her journey.