See Rare Photos Of Pamela Anderson As A Young Blonde Bombshell

By Jonathan Klotz | Updated

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Legendary Baywatch and Home Improvement beauty, Pamela Anderson, is getting the documentary treatment from Netflix early next year. The streaming service released sneak peek photos on on its official Twitter account, giving fans a rare glimpse into the life of its star. Pamela, a love story will present a humanizing look at one of Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses, including her rise to fame and subsequent scandals.

Pamela, a love story is being directed by Emmy-nominated documentarian Ryan White and produced by Jessica Hargrave, Julian Notingham, Pamela Anderson herself, and her son, Brandon Thomas Lee. The documentary has been a longtime coming, with Anderson personally providing hundreds of hours of home videos for White to use, at the urging of her sons with musician Tommy Lee. Spurred by the miniseries Pam & Tommy, which had no involvement from Anderson, the star’s sons wanted their mother to share her story, on her own terms.

Pam & Tommy, starring Lily James (Baby Driver) and Sebastian Stan (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier)as the famous couple, chronicled the 1995 theft of a sex tape, and its subsequent release on the internet. Created for Hulu by Robert Siegel, the series has been nominated for multiple awards, and was in the top 10 for new shows during its first month of release. Allegedly, James reached out to Pamela Anderson for her blessing, but Anderson did not take the call and has public stated that she will never watch the show.

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Pamela Anderson on Home Improvement

The famous 1995 sex tape is such a source of trauma for Pamela Anderson, that the crew of Pamela, a love story, refer to it only as “the stolen tape.” While filming the documentary, Anderson found out about the fictionalized Pam & Tommy for Hulu, with her reaction playing out on-camera. In an interview with Vanity Fair to promote her latest project, the Barb Wire star got candid over finally discussing the incident and getting her version of the story out to the public.

Pamela Anderson’s explanation for coming forward is that “Nobody knew the truth—even I don’t know 100% of what happened, but I think what is most important is to share my human feelings and how much it hurt and how it undeniably defined me moving forward—in my career and my relationship.” Her sons with Tommy Lee, Brandon and Dylan, were the driving force behind starting the documentary, as both men were tired of seeing their mother tarnished in public. Seeing other people share their mother’s story just did not mesh with what they knew of the open and generous woman that raised them.

That would be why Netflix is sharing intimate, personal photos from Pamela Anderson’s collection. For once, the model has control over her story, choosing who she is sharing it with, how she is sharing it, and why she is opening up after all these years. Pamela, a love story airs January 31st exclusively on Netflix.