Police Called To Britney Spears’s Home, Singer Really Missing?

Britney Spears deleted her Instagram, prompting fans to call the police to check on her at her home.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Things have become quite odd for Britney Spears lately, as the singer was said to be “manic” at a restaurant in Los Angeles two weeks ago. Now, TMZ reported that fans called authorities to check on Spears, as she had deleted her Instagram page. Deputies from the Ventura Co. Sheriff’s Office stated they arrived at her home and determined that she was not in any real danger.

However, no one knows if the sheriffs spoke to Britney Spears herself, or were told that the singer is fine. This is not the first time that Spears has deleted her Instagram page, and it’s not the most bizarre way in which the singer has been operating her social media page. She recently posted a video to her Instagram page and renamed herself River Red, which featured her dancing in the video.

It could be all this behavior, including whatever transpired at the Los Angeles restaurant, that made people think that Britney Spears could be in some sort of trouble. Spears was apparently so worked up at the restaurant, that it caused her husband Sam Asghari to get up and leave. Spears was incoherently babbling in the video and shortly left with her security detail.

Britney Spears has also acted quite bold on her social media page, as she would constantly post NSFW images of herself being nude. Though she covered up the necessary parts with emojis, the images still left everyone wondering what exactly she was doing. Ever since her conservatorship ended, the singer has been acting a bit wild on her social media channel, though we completely understand her wanting to be as free as ever.

britney spears

For now, the authorities have stated that their welfare check on Britney Spears has not uncovered anything that should raise any kind of red flags. Also, Spears recently put her Calabasas mansion up for sale as well, though she has let it be known that she was never a fan of the property, to begin with. It could be that Spears has deleted her social media and is selling her home so that she can have a fresh start somewhere else.

Although her conservatorship has ended, there are plenty of people who still worry for the singer’s safety. It does not help matters that Britney Spears’s behavior has been a bit erratic lately, leaving concerned fans to make sure that she is safe. Again, the authorities have not stated whether they spoke to her at her home, only that they determined she was not in any danger.

Britney Spears could just be wanting to have some time away from the public eye, especially after the restaurant incident, so she could have just deleted her social media to keep away from the negativity. The sheriff’s department would also not be lying if they determined that Spears was doing fine at home, at least that is what we all hope. For now, everyone can wait to see if she pops back up on her Instagram to post even more provocative images.