See Penelope Cruz Busting Out Of A Low-Cut Top

Penelope Cruz looks incredible in a Chanel top and a short Chanel dress.

By Phillip Moyer | Published

penelope cruz

Usually, when a celebrity promotes a fashion brand on Instagram, it’s at least a little bit subtle. When Jennifer Lopez promoted Intimissi lingerie, you had to at least check the photo description to know about the brand being promoted. But when actress Penelope Cruz shows up in a low-cut top that’s emblazoned with at least three Chanel patches, a necklace sporting the Chanel logo, and a jacket that has the Chanel logo imprinted on each of its buttons… it doesn’t take a lot of brainpower to figure out there’s a sponsorship underway. 

Indeed, Penelope Cruz has tagged the official Chanel Instagram page in her post. She also tagged the page for the French version of Elle women’s magazine — presumably because her photo will appear in the magazine’s pages. 

Penelope Cruz is just the most recent in a long, long line of actresses that Chanel uses to promote its brand — a strategy that the French luxury fashion house is not shy about. The brand’s Instagram page is full of celebrity-centric promotions. Most recently, Chanel has posted photos of The Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actress Margaret Qualley — both of whom are on the set of ad-disguised-as-a-film Coco Crush

While Penelope Cruz isn’t appearing in Coco Crush, she has enough acting credentials to justify a spot. The 48-year-old Spanish actress has appeared in more than 100 TV shows and films since her career began in 1990. Most famously, she played Sofia Serrano in the trippy Tom Cruise film Vanilla Sky, and also played Angelica in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

penelope cruz
Penelope Cruz in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Penelope Cruz started out her career in the Spanish TV and Film industry. After appearing in a music video for the Spanish pop band Mecano, Cruz landed an uncredited, single-episode role in Los Mundos de Yupi – a puppet-based children’s TV show following the puppets’ adventures in the magical land of Yupilandia. Cruz played the role of La Bella Durmiente (translated as Sleeping Beauty) in the episode Las Manzanas.

After years of working in the Spanish film industry, Penelope Cruz found her way into American films, appearing in the 1998 film Talk of Angels. The film was poorly received and only made $18,281 at the box office, but it helped Cruz move on to bigger films in the industry, including the 2001 film Blow, and then Vanilla Sky.  

Penelope Cruz still works in the Spanish film industry, however. Her most recent work is the Spanish movie On the Fringe (original title En los Márgenes), playing a cashier about to lose her home who is helped by the lawyer-activist Rafa. The film was the directorial debut of Juan Diego Botto, an actor who had previously appeared in The Suicide Squad.

Penelope Cruz is also set to appear in Ferarri, a biopic about Italian sports car entrepreneur Enzo Ferrari. She will play Enzo’s wife, Laura Ferrari, who married Enzo in 1923 but became estranged from him after he had an affair with his mistress Lina Lardi.