Pedro Pascal Gets Roasted Over Extremely Unhealthy Choices

A TikTok influencer posted a video of Pedro Pascal signing her action figure, and fans are worried about of caffeine in the coffee Pascal was drinking in the video.

By Phillip Moyer | Updated

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The thing about social media is that, given a wide enough audience, there will always be someone, somewhere, who will focus on every minute detail in a photo or video. That proved true after a video of The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal signing an action figure went viral on TikTok. A fan zoomed in on the Starbucks order that Pascal was holding, only to discover his order included an unhealthy amount of caffeine — possibly more than 400mg worth.

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Zooming in on the cup, TikTokkers discovered that Pedro Pascal ordered a Venti Ice Quad Espresso with six extra shots. The numbers listed on websites vary, but one shot of Starbucks espresso seems to contain between 63 and 75mg of caffeine, meaning that the shots would give Pascal an astounding 378 – 450mg of caffeine. The FDA has stated that 400mg of caffeine is the maximum amount that is considered safe for healthy adults.

The person who discovered this preference for dangerously-caffeinated beverages was TikTok user @alexafromspace — the same person who posted the original video of Pedro Pascal signing their action figure. This second video, posted with the Shaggy song Hey Sexy Lady as background music, zoomed in on a still image of the coffee cup, showing the blurry order. @alexafromspace stated that Pascal needs his coffee to “carry the entire world and a fandom” over his shoulders.

The video about Pedro Pascal’s coffee order turned out to be far more popular than the original video of him signing the action figure. While the action figure video received about 150,000 likes and just over 1,000 comments, the follow-up received roughly five times the likes (just over 750,000) and more than six times the comments (about 6,700).

Those 6,700 commenters all had something to say about Pedro Pascal’s choice of beverage. Some were impressed, others wondered whether he’s okay, and one doubtlessly unqualified commenter decided to use the beverage as a reason to diagnose Pascal with ADHD. Still others commented that orders like this aren’t exactly unusual — one person who claims to have worked at a Starbucks near a hospital said that doctors regularly order similar drinks.

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Of course, with Pedro Pascal appearing in both The Last of Us and season 3 of the Star Wars series The Mandalorian this year, it’s hard to blame the man for feeling exhausted. Having the starring role in not one, but two high-profile, action-heavy TV series would be enough to exhaust even the hardiest individuals.

On top of that, the former Game of Thrones star is confirmed to have five other projects underway. Three of Pedro Pascal’s projects — the short film Strange Way of Life, the drama movie Freaky Tales, and the comedy movie The Uninvited, are all in post-production. The other two, the thriller Tropico and the true crime TV series My Dentist’s Murder Trial, are in pre-production.

For those who want to see the end result of Pedro Pascal’s hyper-caffeinating, the second episode of The Mandalorian season 3, called “The Mines of Mandalore,” was released this week. Six more episodes of the series will release throughout March and April.