See Nina Dobrev Stretch In Extremely Tight Yoga Pants

Nina Dobrev shows her workout to fans, while she stretches in extremely tight yoga pants.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

nina dobrev

It’s an open secret that Hollywood is full of smoking hot celebs, but do you ever find yourself asking how they maintain those awesome bodies? It looks like at least one celeb is ready to show the world the secrets of how she stays in shape. This Instagram fan account posted a video showing The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev working a full workout routine complete with extremely tight yoga pants.

The beginning of the video is quite playful, showing a smiling Nina Dobrev getting ready for her workout. Her first step is to put her long hair up in a scrunchy to make working out that much easier. Next, she pulls up a YouTube workout video that focuses on working the abs and waist.

It’s not clear if this is Nina Dobrev’s preferred method of working out or not, but we have to admit there is something charming about her just doing workouts on the floor in front of a laptop. Very often, we see celebs flexing with imagery from their home gyms filled with cutting-edge equipment. Compared to that, Dobrev is exercising like the rest of us do with a simple YouTube video and whatever space on the floor we can find.

Another thing about this video that makes Nina Dobrev seem very relatable is when she decided to work out. The fan account caption writes that this is a workout she recorded after returning from a trip to Antarctica. While most of us aren’t taking trips to somewhere quite so exotic, many people know what it’s like to overeat and indulge too much on vacation and then focus on exercising off the extra pounds after getting back home.

nina dobrev vampire diaries

Of course, the real appeal of this particular video is not learning how Nina Dobrev works out but watching how she does it. In addition to putting her voluminous hair up in a scrunchie, Dobrev also donned traditional yoga pants. However, since the yoga pants in question are insanely tight, this video has proven popular even among people who have no intention of learning to work their own abs and waists.

The caption for the video serves as a reminder of Nina Dobrev’s most famous show The Vampire Diaries. If you never tuned in, that show was a real acting tour de force from Dobrev because she was tasked with playing three different characters, and she branched into one more character for The Originals, a spinoff of that show. And while the last episode of The Vampire Diaries aired in 2017, the show, like Dobrev herself, still has quite a legion of fans.

Nina Dobrev’s own fans may be excited to learn that she has several different movies on the horizon. This includes four different movies in post-production (including The Bricklayer, a movie about the CIA getting blackmailed) and a television show in post-production (Woman 99, about a woman trying to free her sister from an insane asylum). However, she probably doesn’t wear tight yoga pants in any of these roles, so fans of the star may want to bookmark this iconic workout just in case.