See The Nike Satan Shoes Which Contain Actual Human Blood

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

nike satan shoes

Nike has put out a lot of different footwear over the years, becoming the biggest sneaker company in the world through a great product and an amazing sense of how to mass appeal across a wide marketplace. But now they are being associated with an upcoming sneaker release they don’t seem to want any part of. It looks like the rapper/ performer Lil Nas is set to come out with a limited-release sneaker dubbed Nike Satan Shoes with a decidedly hellish theme to them.

The shoe will have the Nike logo branding as part of the look though the company has been quick to relay that they are, in no way, involved with the product. Do you think it’s the Satanic ritual branding or the actual drop of human blood in the sole that has Nike distancing themselves from the release? 

If you want to see what Nike Satan Shoes look like and get a sense for why Nike can’t be all that thrilled about having their iconic swoosh along the side, take a look at some recently released pictures of what these demonic sneaks could look like attached to your feet.

Which aspect of the Nike Satan Shoes sneaker do you think the company said “no” to first? Was it the pentagram across the laces that stand out as something like a dark mark for everyone to see coming when you’re walking down the street? Or maybe it’s the “666” written across the side, the Devil’s uniform number as it were. Then there’s the reference to the Biblical passage Luke 10:18 which reads “I saw Satan fall like lightning from Heaven.” Even if they got past those three pieces and were going to give the thumbs up on production, they likely would have had to think long and hard about the human blood that’s placed in droplets within the sole of the shoe. Even that would have to be a Bridge to Hell too far. 

Lil Nas created these Nike Satan Shoes along with the sneaker and streetwear company MSCHF and the plan is for exactly 666 shoes to come out in limited release. Part of the side of the shoe lets the buyer know which number they got from the fiery inferno. They are designed over the top of a pair of Nike Air Max 97s and are going to be sold for exactly $1,018 dollars. A tidy reference to that aforementioned Luke passage. The Devil branding is real on these things. 

nike satan shoes

Nike can’t have been pleased with any of this happening, especially the conspicuous timing of the Nike Satan Shoes promotion coming so close to the Easter holiday. For whatever you want to say about the theme and substance of these shoes which is sure to run more than a few people the wrong way, the marketing style, theme and timing is firing on all cylinders. 

It’s worth noting that MSCHF has done branding like this over the top of the same pair of Nike sneakers. Those were in stark contrast to this latest release and were the Jesus Shoes.

The all-white Jesus sneakers had a cross across the laces and had the verse Matthew 14:25 written across them. In that verse it’s stated, “…Jesus went out to them, walking across the lake.” Sneakerheads now have a chance to have both Jesus and the Devil in their closet. What a fashionable pairing.