Nicolas Cage Thought He Was A Martian When He Was A Child

In an interview, Nicolas Cage shared a story about thinking he was a martian while growing up, due to his father saying he was an alien because of how different he was.

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Updated

Nicolas Cage

When it comes to actors in Hollywood, it’s fair to say that there are quite a few entertainers who are a little… out there. Nicolas Cage is so far out there that when he was a kid, he thought he came from a different planet. Per MovieWeb, the National Treasure and Ghost Rider actor admitted in an interview that when he found out he had normal human bones, he was completely shocked.

While it’s true that Nicolas Cage has played a plethora of weirdos (including a fictionalized version of himself in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent), none of his characters seem to add up to how strange this Hollywood star seems to be in real life. Cage’s uniqueness is such that when you hear about how the actor thought he was a real-life martian as a kid, the initial reaction is to think, “Yep. That sounds about right.”

In the interview, Nicolas Cage explained that when he was a kid, his father likened the actor to an alien because he was so different. Instead of recognizing the metaphor, Cage seemed to take the likening to heart and was actually surprised when he went to the doctor and was told that he had a normal human skeleton and organs.

It’s not unusual to find out that actors in Hollywood might have a bit of a unique perspective on life. As entertainers and artists, they have to see the world a little more creatively in order to develop stories and characters that are captivating to audiences. As a child destined to become one of the world’s most prolific actors, it’s no surprise that Nicolas Cage was an imaginative kid. 

nicolas cage vampire's kiss
Nicolas Cage in Vampires Kiss

Though, even for an artist, Nicolas Cage has always been a sort of mystery. The actor seems to say yes to any role, leaving him with a resume full of major hits and major misses, as well as big blockbuster movies and tiny independent films. 

The actor seems to have done every genre imaginable, from drama to comedy to horror. Nicolas Cage has even done superhero films like Ghost Rider (2007) and Kick Ass (2010). Some fans even want the actor to take up the mantle of Superman now that Henry Cavill is out of the picture. 

Despite Nicolas Cage’s penchant for doing any project (no matter how good or bad it might be), there is one genre the actor has not attempted. Cage said that while he is passionate about independent films like Pig or Leaving Las Vegas, he is interested in exploring what it would be like to be in a musical. When an actor as big as Nic Cage says he wants to be in a musical, it’s almost certain that it’s going to happen. Perhaps there is a writer and producer duo out there right now, penning a musical about a kid who thinks he’s an alien, that would be the perfect first musical for the actor to be a part of.

Nicolas Cage has had a bit of a renaissance lately, including doing a lot more comedy films. The actor is playing Dracula in the comedy-horror film Renfield coming out in April 2023.