Ms. Marvel Star Accused Of Grooming And Sexually Harassing Children

By Sean Thiessen | Published

Ms Marvel cast photo

Mohan Kapur, who plays the father of the title character in the Disney+ show Ms. Marvel, was accused on Twitter of sexually harassing and grooming a 15-year-old girl. A breakdown of the accusation from helps detail the context of the accusation. Official responses from Kapur, Marvel, or Disney have yet to come through.

The Twitter user @Nayaaax3 took to the platform on November 27, 2022 to recount the inappropriate relationship Kapur instigated. The accuser stated that she befriended a popular Indian serial actress, speculated to be Achint Kaur, in 2014. Mohan Kapur, who was dating Kaur at the time, also befriended the young girl.

As the accuser, who goes by Shania on her Twitter account, grew closer to Kaur and Kapur, she confided in the couple and grew to think of them almost as family. Over time, the Ms. Marvel actor began to flirt with Shania, and even, allegedly, sent her unsolicited pictures of his genitals. Shania was 15 at the time.

Kapur retreated into profuse apology, eventually prompting forgiveness from his accuser. The harassment then continued as Kapur pestered Shania with confessions of love and hopes of sleeping with and marrying the young girl when she became of age. Years later, Shania recognized these behaviors as grooming.

Shania went to Kapur’s partner for help, but was supposedly met with gaslighting and blame. The girl clung to hope of reuniting with the Ms. Marvel star as depression engulfed her. According to the accuser, Kapur repeatedly flipped the script on Shania, making her out to be the bad guy in the situation.

Shania’s final interaction with Kapur was in 2020. She broke down, trying to make Kapur understand what she was going through, only to allegedly be met with the demand for nude photos; this was, according to her, his stipulation for resuming their friendship. In November of 2020, filming of Ms. Marvel began.

Ms. Marvel Mohan Kapur
Mohan Kapur in Ms. Marvel.

Since the long, accusatory thread was posted on Twitter, both Shania and Mohan Kapur have deactivated their Twitter accounts. No legal action is known to have yet been taken against Kapur, and Disney remains silent in the wake of the accusations. Whether the accusations turn out to be true or not, the Ms. Marvel actor’s future in the MCU is certainly in jeopardy.

Kapur is set to return in The Marvels, which stars Iman Vellani and Brie Larson as Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel, respectively. That film, set for a 2023 release, has already been shot. Whether Marvel will release the film featuring Kapur or will opt to reshoot his parts has yet to be determined, as Marvel and Disney have yet to publicly comment on the situation.

The accusations against Mohan Kapur are serious and all too familiar. The post thread detailing Kapur’s alleged abuse tagged @IndiaMeToo with #MeToo, invoking a movement of women breaking the silence surrounding abuse that started back in 2016. 

Ms. Marvel and the upcoming The Marvels are female-centered projects that continue the message of empowerment that so many responded to with the release of Captain Marvel in 2019. The allegations leave a mark on the legacy of some of Marvel’s most powerful heroines, and it is unlikely that Marvel, Disney, or the filmmakers involved will tolerate the current situation.