Missing Television Actress Found Dead

By James Brizuela | 3 months ago

lindsey pearlman silhouette example

Lindsey Pearlman had been missing since February 13th, with her cousin Savannah Pearlman pleading with Twitter to help in the search after Lindsey had failed to return home and no one had heard from her. Both Savannah and the LAPD asked the public if anyone had any sort of information to help in locating Lindsey. Sadly, her body was discovered at Franklin Ave and North Sierra Bonita Avenue in Los Angeles, California. The coroner will determine what the cause of death was.

Lindsey’s cousin had also stated that her phone had been pinged last on Sunset Blvd at some point during the week of her disappearance. Lindsey had apparently last been seen in Hollywood, miles away from where her body had been discovered. Both Franklin and North Sierra Bonita avenue are near Runyon Canyon, which is a popular hiking spot in the area. This might help authorities determine what happened to the 43-year-old actress. The initial above tweet was sent out by the LAPD in an attempt to locate Lindsey Pearlman, but sadly, they were too late. Her car had been added to the missing person’s bulletin, in case anyone had seen her vehicle.

Shortly after the news broke that Lindsey Pearlman was found, her cousin posted on Twitter confirming that “it was too late.” This is tragic news, and the hope is that Lindsey’s death was not a cause of foul play. Her untimely death was announced on Friday afternoon after authorities were sent to the location due to a radio call and death investigation. The officers and staff on the scene determined that the body was that of Lindsey. This is truly a tragedy.

Lindsey Pearlman, a Chicago native, has been an actor since 2013. She held various roles in TV series that include Empire, Chicago Justice, and General Hospital. She had reoccurring roles in both Chicago Justice and General Hospital. Her most recent work includes a stint on The Ms. Pat Show, where she played the character Martha in five episodes. Her last acting credit was on the show, Vicious, where she played the character Karen. Vicious appeared on the streaming platform, Urbanflix. She also worked on the Purge TV and Selena: The Series.

Vance Smith, Lindey Pearlman’s husband, posted on his Instagram after learning of her death. His words about the situation are heartbreaking, “The police found Lindsey. She’s gone. I’m broken.” Smith has been a producer, actor, and worked as an additional crewmember in film and television projects since 2019. His most recent work was producing a short film called, Huge.

Lindsey Pearlman was born in Chicago on October 6th, 1978. She was a graduate of The Second City Conservatory. After being heavily involved in the theater community in Chicago, she moved to Los Angeles to follow her dreams of getting more work behind the camera. Her career had begun to take off as she had been appearing on quite a few TV series with more expanded roles, and it seemed as if she had begun to hit her stride in acting. Rest in peace, Lindsey Pearlman.