See Millie Bobby Brown In A White Bikini

By Michileen Martin | Published

millie bobby brown

Millie Bobby Brown is no stranger thing to Jake Bongiovi–son of iconic New Jersey crooner Jon Bon Jovi–and in her latest social media post she makes that perfectly clear while wearing a sexy white bikini. Brown posted a shot of Bongiovi hugging her from behind. The couple appear to be on a sandy beach somewhere, enjoying the sun and each other’s company.

Millie Bobby Brown captions the post with “sunny one so true, I love you.” As reported by Us Magazine, the couple have been dating since at least last summer when Bongiovi sparked speculation among fans when he captioned an Insta snap with “Bff <3.” The pair have each made regular appearances in each others’ social media ever since.

Along with Brown and Bongiovi clearly being bright spots in each others’ lives, the former helped bring fans one of the best viewing experiences of this year. The long-awaited Stranger Things Season 4 finally streamed on Netflix in two parts, with Millie Bobby Brown and the rest of the principal cast returning to their roles in the beloved series. While Brown’s character Eleven begins the season absent of her powers after the climactic events of Season 3, with the help of her “papa” — aka Matthew Modine’s Dr. Brenner — she finds her way back to her abilities.

Millie Bobby Brown’s character regained her powers by learning she was partly responsible for the origin story of the Big Bad of Stranger Things. In the latest season we learn that it’s Eleven who sent Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower)–aka One–to the Upside Down. While most of the heroes survive Season 4, Vecna does as well, and we expect to see him return to cause more bloodshed in the fifth and final season.

millie bobby brown stranger things
Millie Bobby Brown in Season 4 of Stranger Things

Stranger Things Season 5 will begin filming in 2023, and with the elevated post-production value we saw in Season 4 that means in most likelihood we won’t see Millie Bobby Brown back as Eleven until 2024.

In the meantime, Hawkins’ favorite super powered test subject isn’t the only character Millie Bobby Brown returned to this year. At the end of October she reprised the titular role of Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister in Enola Holmes 2 on Netflix. Henry Cavill likewise returned as the more famous Sherlock.

Eleven won’t be the last super powered character Millie Bobby Brown plays for Netflix. Brown will lead the cast of the upcoming science fiction film The Electric State, directed by Anthony and Joe Russo of Marvel Cinematic Universe fame. The Stranger Things star will be joined in the cast by Chris Pratt, Ke Huy Quan, Stanley Tucci, Jason Alexander, and more.