Millie Bobby Brown Looks Fantastic In A Tight Sundress

Millie Bobby Brown is loved by the camera, and a photo from her beauty line's social media page in a tight sundress explains why.

By Jonathan Klotz | Updated

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Millie Bobby Brown continues to be one of the fastest-rising young actresses in Hollywood. Ever since rocketing onto the scene in Stranger Things she’s been in demand, but that hasn’t stopped the star from starting her own beauty company, florence by mills. A social media post from Millie Bobby Brown‘s cruelty-free, vegan beauty line shows that the founder isn’t afraid of getting in front of the camera and modeling her own products.

The British star looks like she’s spending a day down at the farm in her latest photoshoot shared on Instagram. Millie Bobby Brown is wearing a tight sundress with her blonde hair up in a bun. It’s what she’s posing next to that seems to hint at a new product from her beauty line, crates of fruit. As a brand focused on “clean” ingredients, meaning nothing harmful to the environment and with no animal testing, the line of beauty products is commonly derived from fruits.

Named after Mille Bobby Brown’s great-grandmother, florence has been a very successful side-gig for the star between her acting roles. In addition to playing Eleven on Stranger Things, she’s also now starring in her own Netflix franchise, Enola Holmes. Comprised of two films so far, the beauty mogul plays the younger sister of Henry Cavill‘s Sherlock Holmes.

Based on a series of novels by Nancy Springer, the two films have been well-reviewed hits for Netflix. Enola Holmes 2 managed an eye-popping 94 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, vastly outperforming expectations for a film summed up as “Sherlock Holmes has a sister that’s also a detective.” It’s a testament to the ability of Millie Bobby Brown that she’s able to elevate the concept and make it a new fan-favorite franchise.

enola holmes
Millie Bobby Brown in Enola Holmes

However, the star has also experienced a small bit of controversy from the set of the Netflix movies. After admitting in an interview that she ad-libbed kissing and punching her co-star, Louis Partridge, when he wasn’t expecting it, an intimacy coordinator in Hollywood spoke out. Millie Bobby Brown survived the backlash on social media with the grace of a Hollywood veteran twice her age.

Part of that might be because Millie Bobby Brown has been acting steadily since the age of 9, with a third franchise to her name, but this one is significantly larger in scale. Between filming Stranger Things and Enola Holmes, the actress found time to star in Godzilla: King of the Monsters and its sequel, Godzilla vs. Kong. Brown plays Madison, daughter of a pair of scientists, that tries to advocate for Godzilla and find the reason for his actions may not be entirely of his own volition.

With the final season of Stranger Things about to start filming in a few months, it will still be a while before Millie Bobby Brown has to leave behind her first breakout role. Given her impressive track record so far, there is no doubt that the actress will find another role to keep her at the forefront of Hollywood’s newest generation of stars.