See Millie Bobby Brown In Daisy Dukes And Bikini Top

Millie Bobby Brown poses against a wall in a bikini top and cut-offs.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

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Millie Bobby Brown will soon be concluding her star-making turn on Stranger Things, and it looks like she is ready to change up her public image. While most audiences know Brown best as the psychically empowered Eleven on the Netflix mega-hit and have watched her grow up through the show’s four seasons. However, as this image of Millie Bobby Brown in very short shorts and a bikini top from her social media shows, the actress seems to be ready to move on to different kinds of roles.

Millie Bobby Brown posted a carousel of three pictures on her ridiculously popular Instagram account (which currently has nearly 60 million followers), in which she poses against a concrete wall and a whole lot of sunlight. In fact, the caption to the post is “Solar Power,” which probably has more to do with the level of background illumination than any deeper meaning. Hopefully, Millie Bobby Brown referencing astronomical terms means that she has gotten off the Flat Earth train entirely, though apparently, we cannot entirely trust a polygraph test.

In the first image, Millie Bobby Brown is wearing her dark blonde hair in a loose braid and tilting her sunglasses up in the sunlight. She is also wearing a white bikini top with thin red and blue stripes, which is partly covered by part of a polo-necked shirt. It is actually a bit of a stretch to call it a shirt, considering it really only seems to cover the actress’s shoulders and seems more like a way to accent what is on display than hide it.

Past her bare midriff, Millie Bobby Brown is wearing high-waisted denim cut-off jeans and a pair of brown, patterned slide sandals. While there is no indication of where Millie Bobby Brown is in these photos, they seem to be part of the same ongoing beach vacation she is taking with her boyfriend Jake Bongiovi (the son of rocker Jon Bon Jovi). Along with a recent post of the actress in a pink bikini, these photos seem pretty solid evidence that she is having a good time wherever she is. 

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Stranger Things will likely be premiering its fifth season sometime in 2023, with the beloved science fiction show hopefully wrapping up its long tale of gross interdimensional monsters invading a small town in Indiana in the 1980s. While all of the initial group of child actors on the show saw their public profiles boosted by the runaway success of the show, Millie Bobby Brown has seemed to become one of the most prominent faces of Netflix.

Most recently, Millie Bobby Brown starred in Enola Holmes 2, the sequel to her hit 2020 Netflix movie about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister. Henry Cavill returned to portray the most jacked version of the Victorian detective ever, though it is unclear whether he will be back for any further sequels. Millie Bobby Brown will also soon be starring in two more Netflix productions, The Damsel and The Electric State.