See Miley Cyrus Soaking Up The Sun

Mikey Cyrus posted a smoldering photo of herself on Instagram to celebrate the release of her new music video.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

Disney has churned out plenty of stars who went on to build careers outside the House of Mouse, including Britney Spears (a former Mouseketeer) and Selena Gomez (who formerly starred in Wizards of Waverly Place). But perhaps none have had the same explosive transformation that Miley Cyrus did when she went from being the queen of clean in Hannah Montana to being a foul-mouthed rocker who keeps forgetting to put on the rest of her clothes. Case in point: the musician just posted this smoking pic to Instagram, which shows off a little of her inkwork and a lot of her sexy midriff.

In her typically blunt fashion, Miley Cyrus gets right to the point with her post, using her caption to announce that the music video for her song “Jaded” is out now. This is one of the many great songs that were part of her Endless Summer Vacation album. The album came out a couple of months ago, but the singer is still promoting it by releasing music videos for the best tracks.

In fact, you might have noticed that this image of Miley Cyrus doesn’t look like the usual celebrity thirst trap that we might get from fellow singers such as Dua Lipa. Rather than being a natural photo of her soaking up the sun, the image that she posted is from the “Jaded” music video. Good news for Miley fans: if you think she looks sexy in this image (and hell, who wouldn’t?), there is a lot more of Miley to see in that video, which happens to begin with her lying topless in a bed and wrapping her arms around herself he coyly smiles at the camera.

And as her fans have known for a long time now, Miley Cyrus is much more than just a pretty face. The album Endless Summer Vacation that she is promoting on Instagram currently has a 79 on Metacritic, which is a higher score than any of her previous seven albums received. It’s clear that her talents as a musician have grown over the years, which is that much more impressive since the former Disney star was so talented to begin with.

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Interestingly, the choice Miley Cyrus made to focus more on her musical career rather than her Hollywood career is continuing to pay off in a powerful way. In addition to the current writer’s strike that is keeping new WGA scripts from getting written, the actor’s guild just authorized a potential strike in case their upcoming June negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers go sour. If the actors join the writers in striking, we may not see original movie or television content for a while, but we’ll still be able to listen to powerful music like what Miley Cyrus specializes in.

Ultimately, we’re happy to see that Miley Cyrus is continuing to kick ass and live her best possible life. Thanks to those early transgressive moments of posing almost nude for Vanity Fair and pole dancing at the Teen Choice Awards, flabbergasted morality police have constantly expressed shock and concern over a young woman doing whatever she damn well pleases with her own body. But Miley has always forged her own path, and given that she just released a hit video for her best album yet, it’s fair to say that path has taken her further than all those concerned parent groups could ever imagine.

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