Mike Tyson Allegedly Punched A Talkative Man On A Plane, See The Video

By James Brizuela | 4 weeks ago

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Mike Tyson was recently on a flight, with an alleged unruly passenger. This passenger was reported to have consumed quite a bit of alcohol, leading the man to be extremely talkative to the former Heavyweight Champion. While Tyson seemed cordial at the beginning of the pair’s interaction, he allegedly became frustrated to a point of violence. The man was struck by a flurry of punches from the boxer, leaving his face injured and bloodied. TMZ obtained a video of the occurrence from another passenger on the plane. You can see the video below:

Anyone who knows anything about Mike Tyson now knows the man has turned a new leaf in his life. He continually preaches love, patience, and peace, which is a far cry from the man he used to be. Tyson also owns his own weed farm, where he offers consumers a once-in-a-lifetime trip that focuses on relaxation. However, he is still a person, and as such, he can get frustrated like any of us do. That was allegedly what happened when this passenger kept hounding the boxer during the duration of their flight. Tyson apparently got mad to a point of violence, which resulted in him punching the man several times in the face. A witness on the flight told authorities that the man asked Tyson for a selfie, which he cordially agreed to. The passenger in question then kept continually bothering the boxer, as he was sitting directly behind him. When Tyson told the man to “chill”, he did the exact opposite and paid a heavy price for bothering the once-great boxer.

There have been plenty of recent training videos that show Mike Tyson either giving lessons on how to punch or working tirelessly on his own technique. Tyson might be 55 years old, but he still throws punches lightning-fast, which would hurt anyone. He was once the most vicious boxer in the sport and proved that for years on end. The man who had allegedly been too intoxicated and received the punches is likely going to be hurt for the foreseeable future.

Francis Ngannou, the current Heavyweight champion in the UFC, took lessons from Mike Tyson two years ago, and you can see how fast the man still is. Ngannou may be a much larger man in stature, but Tyson shows that he can still throw punches at incredible speeds, even in his older age. You can see the video of this training session below:

Mike Tyson returned to boxing back in November of 2020, when he took on a formal rival, Roy Jones Jr. Even in that fight, fans noticed that Tyson seemed to not have missed a step since his younger years. The man’s technique and speed were still on point, and he showed that he can still hang in the boxing ring. Whatever this allegedly drunken man said to Tyson was enough to set him off and incur whatever punishment comes next. However, the man seemed to also be harassing Tyson, so authorities may feel different when seeing the footage. The lesson here is to never make a former Heavyweight Champion mad, otherwise, you may end up bloodied.