Why Michael Caine Is Trending

By James Brizuela | 2 weeks ago

Michael Caine

The world has seemingly turned upside down from Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter. Celebrities and fans alike have been saying goodbye to their accounts forever, as the presumed supervillain has now purchased the largest social media platform in the world. What was even more frightening was Sir Michael Caine began to trend right after Mr. Musk purchased Twitter, and it left fans going wild. You can read his initial tweets below:

Everyone was over the moon at the fact that Michael Caine had returned to Twitter after a four-month hiatus. The man’s last post was in January of this year, where he wished everyone well. Funny timing in the fact that he says hello to everyone, only to see the news of Musk purchasing the platform, then he made his gentlemanly exit. The Twitterverse exploded with theories and people just understood why the actor left. The fact that the above Twitter user notices the man lasted eight minutes on the platform is hilarious.

The internet can be a vile place, and more so Twitter. The above tweet just reiterates that fact. Michael Caine likely saw everyone fighting over Musk purchasing Twitter and decided to go on his merry way.

This certainly did not age well. Michael Caine said hello to his fans, only to leave immediately after. Some of us can’t last eight minutes on Twitter. We get it.

These are the last three tweets from Sir Michael Caine. What a guy. It’s also sad that someone who seems to genuinely wish everyone well cannot take the barrage of negativity that exists on the social media platform. Even when seemingly leaving the platform, Mr. Caine floats away in the most elegant way possible.

We love a good, layered joke. Hank Scorpio is the criminal mastermind from The Simpsons that hires Homer. He basically plots world domination, and Homer has no idea he’s helping Scorpio. Elon Musk is Scorpio. Michael Caine would still want to be the best version of himself, even if Musk takes over the world.

The dreaded “come meet my friends” party. We get it. Michael Caine had enough socializing for those few minutes and decided to go back to his lovely home. We’ve all been there.

People might be leaving Twitter in droves, but Michael Caine has kept it real. The man wants to uphold his “best guy ever” status. This tweet shows why everyone needs Mr. Caine right now, but apparently, the man is not willing to be the hero everyone needs.

The Twitter world can be a funny place, even more so considering that Michael Caine exploded on the platform for merely saying “hello.” People began to speculate about why the actor popped in, only to take his exit after Musk acquired the platform. The speculations can continue, but Mr. Caine has seen fit not to engage in the circus that is currently happening due to this mega purchase. Again, he likely saw everyone fighting over Musk purchasing Twitter and decided that enough was enough. We get it. The bottom line is Michael Caine is a great guy.

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