Another Metal Monolith Has Appeared, This Time In Romania

By Doug Norrie | 7 months ago

metal monolith

Metal monoliths are kind of all the rage right now. These mysterious, shimmering metallic structures are having their time in the conspiracy-nut, internet-sleuth crowd and why not? They are showing up or disappearing almost daily at this point. And just as soon as one leaves our inquisitive view, another one appears halfway across the globe. That’s what happened when another metal monolith appeared in Romania overnight, this one in a more conspicuous location.

The Romanian metal monolith, not to be confused (presumably) with its Utah doppelganger, showed up in the early morning hours of November 26th in Piatra Neamt, Romania on a hillside near a historic section of the town. That it took four days to reach our internet eyes could be more about Romania’s misunderstanding of the rage the Utah one caused over here in America. The Romanian monolith is a near-exact replica of the one found in Utah but was placed more out in the open than the latter. This one plopped down on an archeological site near the Petrodava Dacian Fortress, one of the country’s historical sites.

For those not caught up on their hot monolith talk, things started about a week ago when the *original* metal monolith was found in a remote Utah desert location. This one was first seen by a group of public workers who were flying around land controlled by the Bureau of Land Management on a task to count bighorn sheep in the area. The monolith, measuring about 11 feet high, was just sitting there with no clues about its origin or purpose. It caused quite the stir leading to internet keyboard warriors to actually pin down the exact location using Google Earth and other clues.

And just as quickly as that metal monolith appeared, it disappeared just as mysteriously. On Sunday morning, a helicopter pilot who had taken his family on a tour of the area to see the oddity discovered it gone. Left only its place was a pile of rocks and a small triangular metal object to mark the spot it once sat. With that, the mystery deepened even more. Public officials said they had no clues in either how it got there or who ferried it away.

utah monolith

The metal monolith in Romania only deepens the mystery considering that one appeared even before the Utah monolith disappeared. The nonoverlap in media coverage likely only related to folks in that country not knowing it could be related to the one in the US. But the similarities (or exact nature) of the structures can’t be denied. 

Before you think the metal monoliths are the work of an alien race not-so-subtly trolling us with random placements of mysterious, nondescript towers, we might want to pump the brakes. Some have posited the original Utah structure was the work of an artist (or artists) who used sculpture and other mediums. But the appearance of the Romanian monolith does throw a bit of cold water on that considering one of the artists, John McKracken died in 2011. 

metal monolith

This remains a crazy story and one we surely haven’t seen the end of. If these monoliths are coordinated art, the work of pranksters looking to stir up an internet fuss or indeed extraterrestrials marking their territory remains to be seen. I very much doubt this is the last metal monolith we see turn up across the globe.