Supergirl’s Melissa Benoist Survived Domestic Abuse, And Now Her Famous Abuser Is Speaking Out

By Drew Dietsch | 8 months ago

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Melissa Benoist has captivated fans with her powerful portrayal of Kara Zor-El in the superhero television series Supergirl. However, Benoist revealed some shocking news back in November 2019 when she posted a video alleging that her former husband, Blake Jenner, had been abusive to her during their relationship.

You can watch the original video that Melissa Benoist posted on her Instagram right here. We do want to warn you that it contains descriptions of domestic abuse that might be difficult for some viewers. Use your best discretion.

The claims that Melissa Benoist put forward were very damning and painted Blake Jenner in a truly horrendous light. Benoist received a large amount of support for her recounting of these alleged acts. Now, it looks like Blake Jenner has decided to respond to these allegations nearly a year later with an Instagram post of his own.

You can read the entire response from Blake Jenner regarding the claims made by Melissa Benoist in the Instagram post below:

In the post, Blake Jenner says that he takes “full responsibility and accountability” for the pain he caused Melissa Benoist during their time together. Of course, Blake Jenner never names Melissa Benoist but it is clear who he is talking about during this public apology. He also admits that the pain inflicted on his “past partner” was emotion, mental, and physical. However, Blake Jenner then goes on to claim that there was “mental, emotional, and physical abuse inflicted from both ends.”

Blake Jenner alleges that Melissa Benoist was extremely jealous of any visible relationships he had with female co-stars in creative projects. This supposedly led to “threats and derogatory comments” that were directed towards the women Blake Jenner had worked or associated with. Blake Jenner also claims that he was “verbally and emotionally abused” as well as enduring physical abuse from Benoist that including scratching, slapping, being punched in the face, and one instance where he was “physically assaulted in the shower.”

It should be reiterated that the incidents both Melissa Benoist and Blake Jenner are discussing are nothing but allegations at this point. They finalized their divorce back in 2017 and it does not appear that any legal ramifications for these alleged instances of abuse have arisen. As of this writing, no criminal investigations into these claims has been formed.

Melissa Benoist has not responded to Blake Jenner’s post, but many Supergirl fans have spoken out in support of the actress. The hashtag #IStandWithMelissa gained traction on Twitter and has resulted in an outpouring of support for Benoist. The same show of support does not seem to have been cultivated for Blake Jenner.

Supergirl has announced that the upcoming sixth season will be its last. Reportedly, Melissa Benoist will still be appearing as the character of Supergirl in other DC television projects. Benoist has also just recently welcomed her first child with her second husband, Chris Wood. We wish her and her family nothing but the best during this time.