See Megan Fox Wearing A Sex Shirt To Get The Internet’s Attention

By Michileen Martin | 4 months ago

megan fox

There’s no shortage of images to prove that Megan Fox likes wearing sexy clothes. She wore a provocative “naked” dress last September at the Video Music Awards, and supposedly wears just as revealing clothing just to go shopping for food. But it’s rare that we see the famous model and actress wearing a top that quite literally screams “SEX,” but her most recent social media post remedies that.

On Monday Megan Fox posted a series of photos to her official Instagram, starting with one in a black top, emblazoned with the word “SEX” across the chest, matched with a black miniskirt. She only wears the outfit in the two of the photos, including one in which she’s paired with her fiancee Machine Gun Kelly, who is dressed like a much glittier version of the Romulans from Star Trek. There are also a couple of shots of Fox in lacy black lingerie, and a couple of her in a see-through top. You can see all of the photos below.

Megan Fox captions the photo series with “D&G recap,” referencing how she and her fiancee spent their weekend. Vogue reports that the couple was at Milan Fashion Week, where MGK walked the runway as part of the Dolce & Gabbana menswear show, which he closed out with a performance of his pop-punk ballad “Bloody Valentine.” Fox was there to support her future husband’s modeling, and as usual wasn’t a slouch herself in the fashion department.

Considering how much we’ve seen Megan Fox experiment with fashion in the past year, it might be surprising to learn the actress told Vogue that it wasn’t too long ago that she had just about given up on any interest in fashion. Even more surprisingly, the thing that nearly ruined fashion for her was being a celebrity. She talked about being offered “racks of dresses” for the Golden Globes and hating all of them. Because of her perception as a “sex symbol,” Fox said, her publicists were always pushing more “serious” wardrobes on her, so that she would “be taken more seriously as an actor.” The result was that she felt drawn to nothing she was offered, and thought to herself, “f–k it, I don’t like clothes.”

Megan Fox told Vogue she was able to embrace fashion because of her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly. Fox said the rapper opened her up to the kinds of fashion she was hungry for before. Once MGK showed her so many new possibilities, Fox said, “it was like: oh, these clothes exist? OK!” And apparently that was the “OK” that launched a thousand outfits. Not only has Megan Fox been busy showing the world how she expresses herself with fashion, but she’s been making some of her own. Last October, Fox unveiled her own clothing line, which she put on sale in partnership with BooHoo.

As for another passion of Megan Fox’s, acting, she isn’t giving up on that either. She’ll be appearing in the dark comedy Big Gold Brick, due to hit theaters on February 25. It also stars Andy Garcia, Emory Cohen, Lucy Hale, and Oscar Isaac. According to Nylon, Fox will star in the feature film co-directorial debut of MGK and rapper Mod Sun with the stoner comedy Good Mourning with a U, and she’ll also appear in The Expendables 4 — both of which are expected out this year, but neither have firm release dates.