Megan Fox’s Boyfriend Confesses To Stabbing Himself In Attempt to Impress Her

By Erika Hanson | 1 month ago

megan fox

As Nazareth famously sang, “love hurts”-especially if you’re Colson Baker, best known by his moniker Machine Gun Kelly. While the renowned American rapper has established an ever-changing musical career that has grown over the past decade, he’s most famously known for his fiery romance with Megan Fox. Recently appearing as a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Machine Gun Kelly recounted the time he stabbed himself while trying to impress his “twin flame”. 

Sitting down to talk with talk show host and comedian, Jimmy Fallon, Machine Gun Kelly detailed the time he accidentally stabbed himself in the hand trying to impress his new girlfriend, Megan Fox. He recalled receiving an engraved knife from drummer Travis Barker commensurating his at the time new album, Tickets to My Downfall. The enigmatic rapper recalls trying to pull off an impressive knife-catching trick for his new beau, saying, “Check this out, this is sick.” Throwing the knife up in the air, Baker exclaims the trick was an epic fail, as it landed point down in his palm. Seemingly unphased by the stunt, Baker proudly displayed his love wound for Fallon and the audience. 

You can see Machine Gun Kelly share his story at the 4:45 time stamp in the video below. He doesn’t mention Megan Fox being impressed, but he may not have noticed much about her reaction while he was dealing with the shock of his injury. Of note: Machine Gun Kelly is wearing a t-shirt with a photo of Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body on it. See below.

Machine Gun Kelly first met Megan Fox on the set of the indie film, Midnight In The Switchgrass. In June of 2020, the couple would officially confirm their relationship after Fox ended her ten-year marriage with Brian Austin Green. Their relationship became some of the hottest celebrity gossip as the couple’s relationship quickly escalated. Following the release of his 2020 music video to the song Bloody Valentine, which just so happened to star the voluptuous Fox, Machine Gun Kelly reiterated his newfound love and devotion for the former Transformers actress.

While truly an odd memory to fondly look back on, the stabbing incident really doesn’t come as a surprise, given the peculiar relationship the two celebrities share. In the short timeline that the duo has been lusting over each other, Megan Fox has gone as far as gifting the rapper with a necklace that contains her blood to wear while she’s away traveling for work. The pair have gone as far as to even solidify their devotion to one another with each tattooing the other during an intimate spread for GQ.

Likewise, taking a page out of Megan Fox’s astrology followings, Fox revealed that she believed Machine Gun Kelly to be her true soul mate. During a discussion in July 2020 on the Give Them Lala…With Randall podcast, Fox coined Baker as her “twin flame”. Fox believes she and Kelly are two halves of the same soul. Wanting to confirm her astrological theories, Fox admitted to inviting him to have lunch in her trailer on the second day of filming Midnight in the Switchgrass to put him through her astrological test. 

While many skeptics of the blazing hot relationship between the two have spent the couple’s short-lived romance poking fun at their crazy antics, many believe the flame will eventually burn out. While we can’t deny that Machine Gun Kelly’s relationship with Megan Fox seems more lust than love, the two are undeniably happy together and have proven that even a little “stab” isn’t enough to break the two apart.