See Megan Fox Pose In A Revealing Fishnet Top In Latest Pics

By Nathan Kamal | 3 months ago

megan fox

Megan Fox has always been as much of a style icon as she is an actor, and her Instagram account is continuing to bear that out. The star of Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles recently posted a new image of herself on social media, and even for Fox, it is a hot one. In the first image of the two-part set, Fox is staring straight at the camera with those famous luminous blue eyes, in a deep close-up. She is wearing a black, deeply cut halterneck top. Aside from two very thin straps around her shoulders, the main thing that appears to be holding it up is two kinds of fishnet material. Fox’s long black hair is tressed into something resembling, but not quite pigtails, which seems to be referencing her caption. The text indicates Fox is open to joining iconic British girl pop group The Spice Girls, as…BDSM Spice. You can check out the images here:

Beginning in small roles in sitcoms like the CBS Charlie Sheen show Two and a Half Men and the WB’s Amanda Bynes-Jennie Garth two-hander What I Like About You, Megan Fox first came to prominence in the 2004 Lindsay Lohan vehicle Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. Portraying a high school queen bee type rival to Lohan’s protagonist, Fox quickly established herself as one of the preeminent sex symbols of 21st-century film.

After appearing on the sitcom Hope & Faith for two seasons, she was cast as the female lead of Michael Bay’s Transformer franchise. It would be her most prominent role for quite some time, appearing in the first and second installments of the series alongside Shia LaBeouf. She left the series after controversy in which she allegedly made comments comparing Bay’s on-set attitude to Adolf Hitler’s, and according to Bay, was fired on orders of producer Steven Spielberg. For his part, Spielberg denied that he had ordered her removal from the franchise. 

Following her departure from Transformers, Megan Fox appeared in a number of notorious bombs. While no one seems prepared to try to re-evaluate the DC Comics Western adaptation Jonah Hex (which also starred future MCU Big Bad Josh Brolin), her starring role in Diablo Cody’s Jennifer’s Body has come to be reclaimed as a sly satire of both horror films and the exploitation of female sexuality. After re-partnering with Michael Bay for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films, Fox stepped away from the limelight for a while. During this period, she gave a notorious interview with Esquire in which she compared her role as a sex symbol in pop culture to be similar to ancient Aztec ritual human sacrifice. 

Since then, the emergence of social media as a dominant force in allowing celebrities to control their public image has been a boon for Megan Fox. Her Instagram is full of remarkably stunning images like this and this and this, and while her relationship with musician/actor Machine Gun Kelly took headlines by storm in 2021, it’s not the only thing anyone discusses about her. At least, with that Instagram account, no one could.