See Megan Fox Pose In A Barely-There Top While Stalking Another Celebrity

Check out Megan Fox trying to get the attention of another celebrity in her latest Instagram post. The star just gets how to use social media

By David Harrison | Published

megan fox till death

Some celebrities just know how to work social media. It’s not necessarily a prerequisite, but it certainly helps once you are already in the limelight. For some, it’s a nice little reminder to fans, a bit of a “hey, remember me?” every once in a while to drum up excitement for whatever is going on in his or her life. Megan Fox is definitely one of those folks. Though her career is seeing a solid second run here of late, the star has also always been good about working the Instagram game. And she’s got another example up recently. 

Megan Fox took to Instagram to give a little whereabouts update with the hope of maybe catching another celebrity’s attention. That was singer/ rapper Doja Cat who was in a nearby dressing room. Why Fox, who one would think is a big enough celeb in her own right to just knock the door herself, didn’t take this course of action is anyone’s guess. It’s most likely because the social media love would far outstrip any random meetup could have hoped to accomplish. And therein lies the game folks. It’s better to invite celebrity attention in the public sphere than behind some dressing room door. Check out what Megan Fox posted:

While Megan Fox probably ended up meeting up with Doja Cat not too long after this post, that really isn’t the point. And again, Fox understands the social media and Instagram game. There’s a reason this post was well over a million likes in just about four hours. Folks just seem to love this kind of thing. They loved it nearly as much as when Megan Fox posted a picture of herself in what looked like a refurbished couch from the 1970s or 1980s. It’s this kind of thing that just plays these days in the world of influencing and celebrity attention. 

When she isn’t posting on social media, Megan Fox is in the middle of a career resurgence that’s seen her nab all sorts of roles over the last year with more to come in the short term. After some leaner years, Megan Fox starred in a couple of films last year with Midnight in the Switchgrass and then a star turn in Till Death that had her battling to get out alive, avoiding killers in her own home. She also did a little vampire queen turn in Night Teeth on Netflix. 

And this year she’s got some movies that came out and more on the way. There was Big Gold Brick which came out back in February starring Fox alongside Emory Cohen and Andy Garcia. Critics weren’t so kind with that one and it’s sitting at 28% on Rotten Tomatoes. Plus, Good Mourning with a U is set to hit theaters as well and it will have Megan Fox’s current boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly in his feature film directorial debut. Pete Davidson is going to star as well. Oh, and she’ll be a crime boss in Johnny & Clyde. Finally, there will be Expendables 4 which will see Fox hit that franchise as Sylvester Stallone make his way out. It’s due out sometime in 2023. 

So when Megan Fox isn’t on social media, she’s on the big screen. Sometimes one begets another. Something the star surely understands.