Watch Megan Fox Celebrate Diablo IV In A See-Through Dress

Megan Fox is partnering with Activision-Blizzard to eulogize the fallen heros of Diablo IV.

By Jonathan Klotz | Updated

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Megan Fox is back on social media, and she’s picking up right where she left off in a new video clip celebrating the release of Diablo IV, the latest and greatest in the most-successful hack’n’slash franchise of all time. Fox, clad in a see-through dress in a suitably dark and candle-lit setting, explains that she’s part of a promotion, asking for fans to submit their best in-game deaths to potentially receive a eulogy from the star of Jennifer’s Body.

While the best in-game Diablo-related death will always be losing a hardcore character to something easily avoidable and very stupid, such as fire, or a very lucky forgotten one, it will be amazing to follow the hashtag and see what fans come up with. Granted, a sizable contingent would probably enjoy it if Megan Fox was offering to actually read eulogies for her fans, in the English 101 sort of way, and not at their actual funerals….we hope. Regardless, the fan-favorite star with over 21 million Instagram followers being back on the platform is the second-best news today, following of course, the release of Diablo IV.

The release of Diablo 3 was as well-received as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, which is to say that it was a huge money-maker but angered fans, prompting apologies and future changes. Blizzard, the developer of the franchise, corrected mistakes from the real-money auction house to unstable servers and a painfully boring end-game, eventually making Diablo 3 one of the greatest action RPGs of all time. Similarly, Megan Fox has grown past her first few films into a new phase of her career.

Megan Fox’s most recent appearance came in Johnny & Clyde as a control-freak crime boss, and she’s the best part of the low-budget, absurd film. The next time fans will get to see her on the big screen, though, comes later this year with Expend4bles. The unfortunately titled sequel to Sylvester Stallone‘s action-hero franchise will be out on September 22, and unlike the last film in the series, it will be rated R.

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Megan Fox in Jonny & Clyde

In addition to noted action star Megan Fox, the film also includes Jason Statham, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Tony Jaa, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, and Andy Garcia. Other than Expend4bles, which should never be pronounced out loud, the gorgeous star has nothing else on her plate, at least not according to her IMDb.

Given the recent fallout from her relationship with rapper Machine Gun Kelly — they’re still together but things aren’t great — some time away might be good for Megan Fox. Thankfully, the excellent reviews for Diablo 4 highlight the incredible end-game and replayability that the game has right out of the box, so if she has time to kill, there are a lot worse ways to do it than leveling a rogue to 100. As for when she’ll be eulogizing the fallen of Sanctuary, there’s no timetable for the ingenious competition just yet, but we can’t wait to hear about the terrible fate of Sir Calder.