Megan Fox Trends After Being Attacked Online By Outraged Fans

By Doug Norrie | 4 months ago

megan fox

Megan Fox came dangerously close to running afoul of the cancel culture mob who have no issue calling for someone’s ouster if they say something off base. Though this time it was a good lesson in taking a second, pausing, and actually seeing if the outrage was warranted at all, or even true. That’s the case with Fox who began trending for some apparent anti-mask remarks, only to find out they weren’t anything she actually said. 

At some point on Twitter today, a post went out that attempted to make it appear as if Megan Fox was supporting an anti-mask culture. The original post didn’t include a link to any of Fox’s accounts but was rather a screenshot with her name and blue checkmark. It was made to look like her words from a personal account but was simply a fabrication. You can see what it looked like here:

In the post, you can see the fake message “she” offers up is around mask-wearing and how she and her family don’t need to because the “universe” will keep them “safe”. It’s a ridiculous troll job, playing on the messaging of the moment and knowing what really gets folks riled up. It’s almost like a Mad-Libs in that way, playing on the things that are known to push the mass’s buttons. 

Even though this error was pointed out rather quickly, it didn’t stop the internet mob from descending quickly and harshly to offer up all manner of condemnation about this type of messaging from a celebrity like Megan Fox. These days it doesn’t take much and it isn’t like many people are fact-checking this kind of stuff anyway. They see something they don’t like and instantly call out for the celebrity to take it back, get fired, whatever the punishment that’s fitting. 

megan fox

Look, it wasn’t too long ago that a certain Disney+ star ran afoul of cancel culture at first when she Tweeted out some controversial statements about mask-wearing and some other Election fraud odds and ends. Gina Carano ended up being part of a months-long saga in which she kept Tweeting somewhat inflammatory statements. And finally, things came to a head when she was fired from her gig on The Mandalorian. Not to say, the internet mobs were the ones who did her in, but they definitely didn’t take their feet off the proverbial gas. Megan Fox nearly got the same initial treatment. 

So, in summary, Megan Fox isn’t anti-mask, that we know of. And this really should have just been much ado about nothing. But again, it’s a good reminder to slow down and actually figure out if an internet troll is looking to stir the pot or a celebrity actually said something off-base. 

Next up for Megan Fox, she has some movies in the works like Till Death and Big Gold Brick. And there could be a return to the Transformers universe when that franchise is rebooted. In the meantime though, I think we can assume she isn’t anti-mask.