See Megan Fox Busting Out Of A Low Cut Top And Asking For A Girlfriend

Megan Fox went on social media, in a fuzzy hat and a barely-there top, to ask if anyone wanted to be her girlfriend.

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

megan fox

Megan Fox must have woken up today, looked around at the internet, and decided to choose violence by breaking it in half. The Transformers star is engaged to rock star Machine Gun Kelly and frequently reminding fans that’s beautiful, and just a little quirky. Both qualities are on full display in her latest social media posting, which only has 1.7 million likes as of the time of publication.

Wearing a fuzzy hat and barely wearing a low cut top, Megan Fox captioned her photo and video with “Currently seeking a girlfriend. Please submit applications in the DMs.” As the discussion in the comments went on, fans were unsure if Fox wanted a female friend, or a girlfriend, perhaps both as she is openly bisexual.

Regardless of her intentions, Megan Fox has committed murder on her inbox. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star routinely gets over 2 million likes on her posts, so if even one-tenth of those fans decided to have some fun and submit a joke application, that is still 200,000 messages in one day. Fox is no stranger to getting thousands of messages from fans, not since she broke through 15 years ago in the first Transformers film opposite Shia LeBeouf and Optimus Prime.

Megan Fox has seemingly never stopped working since then, not even slowing down significantly while pregnant or after giving birth to her three children with Beverly Hills, 90210 star Brian Austin Green. Following the success of the first film, Fox reprised her role as Mikeala Banes for the commercially successful second outing, Transformers: Rise of the Fallen, before leading her own horror film. The 2009 movie Jennifer’s Body starred Fox as the titular Jennifer, and went on to become a cult favorite, particularly among the LGBT community, as the film was intended to be about bisexuality.

Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body

At the time of the film’s release, Megan Fox had already publicly announced her sexuality, supporting fans that were struggling with their own self-identity. The plot of the movie, involving a band performing ritual sacrifice to achieve success, was re-evaluated following the #MeToo movement, changing perception of the horror film from a sex fantasy, to a revenge fantasy. Writer Diablo Cody, previously most well-known for Juno, continually argues that the film was wrongly marketed and not properly supported by the studio.

As was done with Transformers, the marketing focused on Megan Fox and was aimed squarely at men that wanted to see the star on screen. This oversaturation from the two films being released within months of each other, resulted in men’s sites to boycott the actress out of frustration over how studios were pushing her in their face. Thankfully, and a testament to Fox’s personal character, the star rebounded from all of this and has gone on to star in smaller projects, including a short television stint.

Prior to breaking out under the direction of Michael Bay, Megan Fox was most well-known for playing the oldest daughter on Hope and Faith, taking the role over from Brie Larson. After two seasons the show was canceled, though Fox returned to the small screen in 2016, as Reagan Lucas, filling in on New Girl while Zooey Deschanel was on paternity leave. While the star is most famous for her appearance, she’s always been shy, quirky, and in possession of a strange sense of humor, all of which continually endears her to her over 20 million social media followers.