Mayim Bialik Reacts To The Controversial Campaign Targeting Her

Mayim Bialik has taken to her Instagram to clear the air about a fake campaign that has used articles to claim her endorsement of some gummies.

By James Brizuela | Published

mayim bialik

Celebrity gossip can be quite damaging at times. A new publication might hear something about a certain celebrity and run with it. Usually, that comes in way of a fake death that is blasted on the internet in a quick fashion, which is then refuted by said celebrity tweeting that they are in good health. Well in one of the strangest controversial campaigns that have targeted a celebrity, Mayim Bialik has been attached to a CBD gummy company. The Jeopardy! host has taken to her Instagram page to announce that she has never been nor ever will be selling CBD gummies. You can see the announcement below:

There are certainly many worse things to be tied to than CBD gummies. While it may seem controversial to outside perspectives, CBD is certainly not marijuana, so there shouldn’t be such a shock value to her name being tied to CBD. However, her likeness and image were being used for this campaign, so that is terrible. Apparently, these random websites had been posing as Fox News and creating some sort of mirrored attempt to get people to click said articles. They read about allegations against Mayim Bialik being true, and about how Jeopardy! fans were shocked to find out about these horrifying allegations. However, if anyone clicked these fake articles, they would be sent to a website that showed off Premium Jade CBD gummies.

These fake Fox News websites went so far as to cultivate a living story that Mayim Bialik went on the Fox News program to argue the CBD gummies with host Martha MacCallum, who said that Bialik should be “indicted.” The article also had a fake quote from controversial host Tucker Carlson, who said, “Premium Jane CBD has completely changed my life and it’s clear that MacCallum is attempting a coup.” While this is all strange in nature, you have to give it to whoever created these bogus website articles. They truly went out of their way to make sure that these articles were clicked. Fox News is controversial in its own right, so to pair that with another controversial article about CBD gummy endorsement was surely going to be highly clicked on.

Majority of the comments on Mayim Bialik’s post claim that they never believed the ads one bit, as something seemed “off” about them. One of the main things the ad claimed was that these CBD gummies would “reverse dementia.” That became a red flag for most people who had begun to see these ads on the internet or received one of them in their emails. Other comments on her Instagram post were from fans that were relieved that her endorsement of CBD gummies isn’t true. Again, there could be worse things to be tied to than CBD gummies.

The unfortunate thing about all these fake ads is that Mayim Bialik has no course in attempting to shut down these sites or go after the company that made them. Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi Golberg, Tom Selleck, and Alek Trebek have all been targeted in a similar ploy at one time or another. Hopefully, these scam articles can be taken down in time, and it doesn’t further affect Mayik Bialik in any way.