Matthew McConaughey Just Started A YouTube Channel And It’s Alright Alright

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey has turned an early line from his first movie into one of the most iconic catchphrases of all-time. Catchphrases are usually reserved for action heroes in big-budget franchises, this phrase has become synonymous with the man and the persona, basically representing his core being. And now the actor is using it to kick off his most recent venture, his own YouTube channel. McConaughey welcomes us with the classic “All right, all right, all right,” in his first video and we get the sense that this will be the vibe for the channel going forward. 

Check out the first, minute long video from the Matthew McConaughey channel which is now on YouTube and likely bringing us all sorts of mellow and Texas:

In his opening video Matthew McConaughey says his new channel will be a “destination” that will explore all sides of himself, who he is and isn’t, and different things he’s come to believe in over the years. The actor says he’ll be posting things he’s learned that have helped him live his best life. He gives a little rhyming verse that works to encompass the things he’s about and invites folks to come along with him on with, well whatever it is he plans on doing on the channel.

Posted last week, the Matthew McConaughey YouTube channel was closing in on 1.4 million views for this first, 90-second teaser video. And it stands to reason that no matter the content the audience for this channel will be pretty massive considering the actor’s considerable game and talent. There’s no doubt it will also carry that signature vibe the actor has long transmitted, a laid-back tone that’s shone through in even his most serious roles. Whether he has enough to fill up an entire channel’s worth of steady “programming” so to speak remains to be seen. But I think we can guess what the tone will be like at least. 

matthew mcconaughey

There could be another motive for Matthew McConaughey starting a YouTube channel now, working to reach more fans and folks in a one-on-one setting. The actor has not minced words about the possibility of him one day running for office in Texas. He’s skirted around the issue before, not denying it when asked and even possibly leaning into the idea. Recently though speculation started to ramp up on that front with McConaughey being asked directly if he ever thought about running for governor. He called it a “true consideration”. 

Whether it ever comes to fruition remains to be seen, but starting this YouTube channel could be a small step towards “humanizing” the actor in a way that would appeal more to voters. Or it could just be a chance for him to bongo naked in his house. That much remains to be seen. I will say, it’s interesting that on this new YouTube channel is a direct call for donations to We’re Texas, Just Keep Livin Foundation which is raising money for a Virtual Benefit to “Help Texas and Texans get back on their feet!” If this doesn’t sound like the first forays into a broad-based political campaign, then I don’t know what does.