Mark Ruffalo Just Made A Huge Apology On Social Media

By Doug Norrie | 3 weeks ago

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Hulk apologize! When Mark Ruffalo is on screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe it’s almost always been as mild-mannered Bruce Banner, a thoughtful and soft-spoken genius, or as the big green Hulk, a rage-fueled indestructible force. Neither character is in the vein of apologizing too much. He’s either getting things right on a science level or not giving a crap about the consequences on a brute force level. But in real life, Ruffalo is a different guy and recently, he took to Twitter to apologize for some things he’s said in the past. 

In this case, Mark Ruffalo came out on the social media platform to apologize for comments he’d made in the past regarding the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. Though it had been prior to this most recent rise in tensions and fighting in the region, Ruffalo has commented on the situation before. This is where he wanted to offer an apology for what he says was an overgeneralization of the issue and possibly inaccurate statements he made. Here’s what he had to say:

In this apology, Mark Ruffalo is likely referring to some comments he made in the fall of last year when he was on NBC’s The Medhi Hasan Show. During the interview, the relationship between Palestine and Israel came up and Ruffalo said the situation was a “kind of apartheid” perpetrated by Israel and that the latter was carrying out “asymmetrical warfare” against Palestine and its people. 

During this interview, Mark Ruffalo said that he’s spoken out about this issue before and it’s led to calls, according to him, of being an antisemite. He’s voiced his opinion on the topic in the past and has been outspoken about a number of different social issues having to do with race and religion over the years on his social media platforms. This latest apology didn’t appear to be in response to anything he’d said recently on the subject but rather a reflection on things said in the past. 

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As for Mark Ruffalo in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the future is a bit open-ended on where things go with his Bruce Banner/ The Hulk character. We know he’s set to reprise the role in the upcoming Disney+ series She-Hulk starring Tatianna Maslany as the titular character. It’s unclear exactly how he’ll fit into the action, but in the comic books Jessica Walters gets her “powers” after a blood transfusion from Banner and that could be the way we roll here. 

And there have been rumors about Mark Ruffalo finally getting a Hulk solo movie in the MCU. That’s never happened before because of the ownership and distribution rights around the character. But according to some sources, Marvel may have secured everything they need to make it happen. That could give Ruffalo the chance to finally headline a film in this franchise after being a fan favorite for years. 

What comes of this latest Mark Ruffalo social media apology remains to be seen. Sometimes they can have the unintended effect of calling more attention to the first opinion than what was warranted. But apparently, it looks like for now he’s going to at least sit out the debate in a public forum.