Mark Hamill Roasts Aaron Rodgers For His Recent Interview

By James Brizuela | 13 seconds ago

mark hamill

Mark Hamill is not one for mincing words when it comes to the political landscape of the US. Even more so, he is a strong advocate for the world getting vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. Hamill recently took to Twitter to show his displeasure in Aaron Rodgers wearing a Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker sweater during a returning interview on The Pat McAfee Show, where Rodgers took responsibility for the bizarre comments he made when first being interviewed on that same show a week ago.

Rodgers attempted to back peddle on comments that he made when first appearing on The PatMcAfee Show. Rodgers claimed that his opinions on the COVID-19 virus are his own and that he hopes he hasn’t misled anyone with the initial comments that he made. That was clearly not enough of an apology for Mark Hamill.

Aaron Rodgers returned to The Pat McAfee Show this week to try and clarify and clear the air on things he said about COVID-19 that now have him mired in controversy. However, this time, he was wearing a Star Wars sweater. Either Mark Hamill heard about this through various people, or he is a big fan of the Green Bay Packers, since Rodgers is a player for the team. Either way, Hamill was not amused by the idea of Rodgers wearing the brand from which his fame was made. Mark Hamill’s displeasure was made evident by the fact that he used sad face emojis in his tweet and emphasized: “THAT” when referring to the sweater in question. If there is one thing that should never happen, it’s upsetting Luke Skywalker.

Aaron Rodgers left the NFL world in an uproar when he contracted the COVID-19 virus last week. What made matters worse is that he lied about being vaccinated, which left a lot of people wondering what would happen to the quarterback. Naturally, Rodgers went on The Pat McAfee Show to defend himself, but instead, rattled off every theory he could manage, which left audiences further divided. From taking medical advice from Joe Rogan’s podcast to claiming the virus would make him sterile, he all but made himself not look great. This interview was one that Mark Hamill likely saw, as did the whole social medial world.

Whether or not Aaron Rodgers plans to fully retract the statements that caused all this trouble during his interview, Mark Hamill is likely not to send him a “get well soon” care package that is chock full of Star Wars memorabilia. What’s worse about this situation is that Rodgers is said to be a big fan of the Star Wars franchise, as he was spotted in April at Disney World with fiancee, Shailene Woodley, in a Star Wars shirt.

Mark Hamill will likely not be rolling out the red carpet for a Star Wars premiere and offering a seat to his buddy Aaron Rodgers, and Rodgers will forever have to live with upsetting arguably the best character in the entire Star Wars saga.