See Margot Robbie Pose Like A Statue In A Tiny Swimsuit

A leaked shot from the trailer for Barbie shows Margot Robbie in a sexy retro swimsuit.

By Danyell Marshall | Updated

margot robbie

Barbie star Margot Robbie looks like a perfect statue posing in this tiny retro swimsuit on Instagram. The actress strikes a fierce pose, just like the fashion dolls that are so popular. She’s nearly indistinguishable from the classic toy in stunning hair, makeup, and wardrobe. The Suicide Squad star has a legacy of iconic roles and costumes, and Barbie is holding the line.

Robbie looks perfect in her beach babe pics. Not a flaw in sight. Ironically, the plot of the 2023 film it promotes begins with the stunning Robbie exiled from Barbiland for being flawed.

She embarks on an adventure into the world of human beings to find where she belongs. The plot feels unrealistic when you see how effortlessly divine Margot Robbie looks in the pin-up suit. No flaws in sight on the Babylon actress.

Costume design is a critical aspect of any film, but it was make-or-break for Barbie. The iconic toy is marketed as a fashion doll, and they mean it. The number of accessories and outfits under the Barbie product line is nearly infinite.

Add to Barbie’s fashion-forward reputation the nostalgic aim of the film.

The costume department had to perfectly recreate some of Barbie’s best-known looks to satisfy an audience who grew up with them. Nothing breaks the illusion of actors being rubber dolls, like dressing them slightly off-brand. So, in addition to this well-known classic Barbie look, Margot Robbie sported neon roller-blading gear to pink jumpsuits.

Barbie isn’t the only role that saw Margot Robbie in iconic fashion. In the biopic I Tonya, Robbie portrayed Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding. Harding was America’s sweetheart during the Winter Olympics in the early 90s until the elegant Nancy Kerrigan outshined her. In I Tonya, the costume designers perfectly capture this infamous figure skater’s period and style.

margot robbie i tonya
Margot Robbie in I, Tonya (2017)

Perhaps one of Margot Robbie’s most well-known roles is that of the pigtailed Harley Quinn. Not only was Robbie in iconic costumes that fans immediately recognized, but she also donned makeup, hair, and plenty of fake blood and ash. But, again, Robbie seamlessly became the character as soon as she wore the costume.

It’s easy to make beautiful clothes look great on a beautiful woman. It’s harder to communicate darker themes.

Despite her wholesome good looks, Margot Robbie sells the unhinged chaos of Harley Quinn. Great costuming is part of the equation. In direct juxtaposition to Harley Quinn, Robbie played Jane in 2016’s The Legend of Tarzan.

As the glamourous and refined Jane, Robbie was dressed head to toe in period-appropriate linen, lace, and silk. Details like tortoise shell and ivory accessories sell the character’s place in time.

Throughout her successful career, it’s been impossible to ignore Margot Robbie’s beauty and grace. Costume designers quickly transform Robbie into one iconic character after another. In this sunny beach pic, it’s easy to see why. Robbie is stunning in her waist-hugging suit and funky accessories.

The pic is a fun hint of what’s to come when Barbie is released in July 2023.