Marcel Young – Everything About Dr. Dre’s Son

Marcel Young is the son of Dr. Dre and singer Michel’le and he is one of nine children from the famous rapper.

By Rick Gonzales | Published

The name, Marcel Young, may not be familiar to you, but we can guarantee you know his father’s name. In fact, Young’s mother is also pretty famous in her own right. The parents in question are Andre Romelle Young and Michel’le Denise Toussant, better known as rap legend Dr. Dre and R&B singer Michel’le.

Thankfully, Marcel Young’s upbringing was not even close to as hectic as his parents’ relationship, so let’s take a look at Marcel Young and see if he followed his parents into the music industry.


Now, while we say Marcel Young’s upbringing was not as hectic as his parents’ relationship, he still was, after all, the son of Dr. Dre. Just being associated with Dr. Dre, back in the day, came with some risk. Marcel Young was born on February 6, 1991 under circumstances that were, according to his mother Michel’le, less than pleasant.

Michel’le first met Dr. Dre when she was 16 years old. At the time, Dre was 22. Michel’le was singing in a group called World Class Wreckin’ Cru that Dre was also a part of. When the pair began to date, Dre already had a few children and another on the way.

In 1981, Dre was 16 when he had his first child, a son named Curtis. After that, in 1983, he had his first daughter, LaTanya Young. In May 1984, Dre had his second daughter, Tyra Young. She was born to a different mother. Then, Dre had another daughter, LaToya, in September 1984 with LaTanya’s mother.

In 1985, another daughter was born. Her name was Ashley and she was the fourth daughter and fifth child of Dr. Dre’s. Andre Young Jr. was born next (to a different mother) and three years later, Dre had his seventh child, Marcel Young. Following Marcel, Dr. Dre had two more children, Truice Young and Truly Young. That makes nine children for Dr. Dre and eight half-siblings for Marcel.

We should note, that is from Marcel Young’s father’s side. His mother also had one more child, a daughter named Bailei Knight, whose father is another famous (or infamous) name in the rap industry, Suge Knight. More on that in a bit.

With that many children and with the high-profile life that Dr. Dre leads, you would expect that some, if not all, of his children enjoy the spotlight surrounding their father. Some have taken to it, but others, like Marcel Young, have remained content living a quiet life, as far away from their father’s notorious lifestyle as possible.


By all accounts, Marcel Young lives a very quiet life and has no issues with that. Not much can be found out about the 31-year-old to include what he does for a living. He has no social media presence and the only time he has been seen on social media is when his mother includes him in her posts.

Other than that, we can’t determine if Marcel Young is married or married with children or enjoying the single life. He apparently is still in contact with his father, but even the extent of their relationship is unknown at this time.


The one thing we do know about Marcel Young and his teenage days was that he lost his older brother (by three years) in 2008. Andre Jr. was only 20 years old when he was discovered in his own bed by his mother. The cause of death was ruled as an overdose of heroin and morphine.


Some may call her strong (which she absolutely is) while others may call her “crazy” for sticking around so long, but one thing is for sure, Marcel Young’s mother is a survivor. She walked into her relationship with Dr. Dre knowing he already had children from different women and continued her relationship with him when more babies from other women were born.

She also stuck around when Dr. Dre’s alcohol habits grew worse, and the beatings began. Over their time together, Marcel Young’s mom ended up with five black eyes, a broken nose, broken ribs, and a bullet that missed her head by mere inches. Her life with Dr. Dre and her second husband Suge Knight, was eventually turned into a brutal biopic called Surviving Compton: Dr. Dre, Suge & Michel’le.

It took some time for Michel’le to speak up about the horrors she faced on a constant basis with Dr. Dre because as she says, it was all she knew. She saw her uncle beat her aunt and shortly after, the two were back to normal. She grew up understanding that that was what was expected of women.

So, when Dre began to beat her, she felt it was normal. Even up to the point where Marcel Young’s father pointed a gun at her and fired. As Michel’le explains, they (she and Dre) had returned from a party and began to get into a heated argument.

Things went south fast, and she ran to the bathroom for protection. Just as she was running inside, Dre pulled his gun and shot at her. He missed her by a few inches.

In the aftermath, Michel’le says she left the bullet in the door for him to always see. “He never tried to shoot me anymore. Thank God. But the beatings were—it was a lot,” she told VLAD TV. You can see her entire interview below.

Unfortunately, Marcel Young’s mother went from one bad situation to another. After leaving Dr. Dre, she then went to Suge Knight. The abuse didn’t stop until one day Suge hit Michel’le so hard that he dislocated her jaw.

Still, Michel’le married Suge in 1999 while he was in prison (Suge is still serving a 28-year sentence for manslaughter) but filed for divorce six years later. While she was filing the papers, she found out that their marriage was null and void anyway because he never legally divorced his “ex-wife.”


According to his mom, both Marcel Young and his younger sister, Bailei Knight, enjoy a wonderful relationship. They are constantly in each other’s lives, which only makes mom happy. Even though Marcel was featured in the Surviving Compton biopic, he has remained happily in the shadows. It doesn’t appear that he will be venturing out of them anytime soon.