Madonna’s Odd Behavior Has People Worried

Madonna has been posting troublesome videos on her social media, leaving fans to say she "needs help."

By Jennifer Asencio | Published

Madonna has been making video posts on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok, and now fans are worried about her. The pop star has filmed herself lip-syncing to rap songs, licking from a dog bowl, and twerking, but her behavior in these videos has been erratic and her messaging rather unusual, even for her. According to Page Six, the criticism of her behavior is coming from a lot of different sources, including other celebrities.

For example, lip-syncing to a song isn’t so strange by itself, but the song she chose was the explicit “Vent” by Baby Keem, and she performed all the bad words in her post. Fans said Madonna looked possessed while she was singing, based on the furious expression on her face throughout the video. She is also wearing black lace with a lot of costume jewelry, a look she made famous in the 1980s.


Her twerking video has also caused people to question her, as more strange behavior accompanied her dance to the tune of “L$D” by Luclover. Dressed in black lingerie and fishnets, Madonna enticingly sticks out her tongue and shows her butt to the camera. Fans found this anything but sexy, commenting that the singer “needs help” and “isn’t who she used to be.”

Speculation about Madonna was always rife, ever since the pop star debuted in her “Lucky Star” and “Material Girl” days. “Madonna wannabes” would don black lace garments and gloves, puff their hair, and adorn themselves with a lot of costume jewelry, which was as controversial as it was popular. Later controversies arose around songs like “Papa Don’t Preach,” about teenage pregnancy, and the video for “Like a Prayer,” which featured stigmata, a Black Jesus, and burning crosses and resulted in the pop idol losing sponsorship from Pepsi.

However, fans have been concerned about her since she received cosmetic surgery which left her noticeably different in appearance, almost unrecognizable. Her social media videos have also been garnering concern for some time, including a bizarre lockdown video from her bathtub in 2020. More recently, however, her erratic social media posts have become more frequent, and fans are worried if Madonna is alright.

Speculations about her behavior question whether she is trying to remain relevant as she gets older. Madonna is 64, and with her braided pigtails and “street” style, some fans are wondering if she is trying to cling to her youth. Others question if her erratic behavior is a bid to compete with Brittney Spears, the pop star whose mental health issues had her infamously placed under conservatorship.

Madonna feuded with Cardi B earlier this year when the sexy hip-hop star took exception to Madonna’s statement that she was the pioneer who enabled female performers to do songs like “W.A.P.” Rapper 50 Cent was also highly critical of some of Madonna’s social media posts, including the recent ones of her twerking and lip-syncing.

Is something wrong with Madonna, is this a desperate attempt to remain in the spotlight, or is the artist merely expressing herself? No one is sure, and with only social media posts to measure the star’s stability, a lot of people have questions. The answers can only come from Madonna herself, but here’s hoping the Material Girl is alright.