Madonna Accused Of Promoting Pedophilia?

Madonna is being accused of pedophilia by Candace Owens.

By Britta DeVore | Updated


Mega pop legend Madonna has been in the press lately for a variety of odd reasons and now she’s being called out all over again by conservative political commentator, Candace Owens, for allegedly “touching upon pedophilia” in a book that the singer released over three decades ago. On her self-titled podcast, of which you can see a clip from below, Owens drudged up a chapter from the fictional book, Sex, which told several stories of its fictional young character, Dita, getting down and dirty with others. The chapter in question revealed that Dita courted, seduced, and had sex with a “teenage boy” who “hardly had any pubic hair.”

While Dita is a fictional creation from the mind of the “Material Girl” singer, Owens argued that the character was still far too old for the boy to be having any sort of romantic relationship with. In fact, Owens believes that upon the book’s release, Madonna should have been “old school banished,” adding that the proper punishment was to send the singer “out to an island” because of the pedophilic nature of this excerpt. An incredibly popular title at the time of its release, selling a whopping 150,000 copies on its first day out on shelves, Sex is a relatively hard book to get your hands on now. 

Madonna’s now hard-to-find, and argued-over coffee table book was just as shocking then as it is now. Sex featured several sensual photographs snapped by famous Vogue fashion photographer Steven Meisel and was edited by the late Glenn O’Brien who was a notable name in the world of fashion, writing, and especially GQ. The timing of the book’s release coincided with one of the most tragic ongoing events in the history of the United States – the AIDS epidemic – with Madonna using her forward to urge readers to use condoms in real life as the musings were just a work of fiction. 


Always pushing the envelope, Madonna has certainly been known for her rabble-rousing ways over her decade-spanning career in the music industry. The pop singer was constantly turning heads, finding her name in media headlines, and as a main target of the Catholic church with her scantily clad music videos and song titles including “Like a Virgin.” In fact, she’s still upsetting the conservative and religious fold as the second half of Owens’ segment on the performer was centered around her use of Catholic imagery in recent abroad copies of Vanity Fair.

A living legend, Madonna was paid homage to in this year’s film Weird: The Al Yankovic Story where her affair with the parody singer was played out by Evan Rachel Wood and the film’s star Daniel Radcliffe. She was even up for a turn in her own biopic with Universal backing a production that would tell her incredible tale. After a grueling audition process, Ozark star Julia Garner nabbed the role of the diva with Diablo Cody (Jennifer’s Body) and Erin Cressida Wilson (Secretary) set to pen the script.

Sadly for the creative team and fans eager to see the film, the film burnt out faster than a “Ray of Light” with Madonna instead pouring her focus into a world tour.