See Madelyn Cline Demonstrate How To Pose In A Tiny Tank Top

Madelyn Cline looks great demonstrating her model poses.

By Mark McKee | Published

madelyn cline

Modeling and acting is a demanding vocation that involves turning your body, mind, and soul into clay for others to mold into whatever image or character they deem necessary. Of course, some professionals find it easier than others, and Madelyn Cline is one of those actresses that is finding comfort in herself as her career takes off (check out her projects on her IMDb page) on Netflix and the big screen. But that doesn’t mean she is all business, as the Outer Banks actress pokes fun at herself and her pose in an Instagram post in a tank top in many sets on the series. 

Madelyn Cline made a name for herself by starring in the Netflix series, Outer Banks, and her character has lived in the tropical island climate long enough that a tank top has become her go-to garment. One grey tanktop specifically seemingly has become one of her favorites as she dropped six images of her wearing it on the set of the hit tv series, the first showing her sitting on a set of balcony steps in cutoff shorts and flashing her infectious smile. The next handful of images shows how the tanktop has made its way through the sets of the series and become her signature look. 

The second image features the actress standing in an open field while she patiently stays still for the makeup artist to do a few touch-ups. The third showcases her cheeky side as she stands on the beach with fresh ocean hair and holds two coconuts up in front of herself in a breast joke. The fourth photo basks Madelyn Cline in sunlight as she stands in a dark room with her hands on her hips, giving us her best model gaze, making it look as simple as getting out of bed in the morning. 

The fifth image in the carousel shows how a candid moment can display a model’s connection with nature, as she feeds a horse in a stall and interacts with a fellow actor. The final shot gives us a look at the beautiful locations she and her friends get to shoot at while filming the Netflix series while she stands in the middle of a road or a trail and is surrounded by palm trees on both sides. 

madelyn cline
Glass Onion

Madelyn Cline isn’t letting her role on Outer Banks be the only role she is known for, as she made the jump from series to feature film when she starred as Whisky in Rian Johnson’s Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. She held her own alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest hitters, Edward Norton, Kate Hudson, and of course, James Bond himself, Daniel Craig. She showed that she was more than a pretty face, but she was ready for the limelight and the challenges that come with it. 

If you have yet to watch Outer Banks (what are you waiting for?), then you may not be familiar with Madelyn Cline by name. But if you pay attention over the next few years, you are destined to become quite enamored with her talents.