Louis C.K. Slammed For Release Of His New Comedy Special

By Faith McKay | 1 month ago

Louis C.K.

For many years, there were dark rumors surrounding Louis C.K. Then, in 2017, five women publicly accused the comedian of sexual misconduct in a story for The New York Times. Only a short time later, he issued a public statement saying, “These stories are true.” At the time, many studios cancelled projects and tried to limit any associations with him. It appeared that he was cancelled. With his movie at the time pulled from release and his comedy specials removed from streaming, no one expected to hear from him again. Then, he started a comedy tour in 2020, which was cancelled due to the pandemic, only for it to be started up again in 2021. Now, an advertisement for his new comedy special has aired during a recent episode of Saturday Night Live, drawing a lot of attention. Some of it positive. Some of it demanding he be cancelled for good.

So far, the controversy for most people remains around the fact that Louis C.K. has a comedy special at all. Many feel that after he admitted to multiple incidents of sexual misconduct, that Hollywood would be done with the comedian. However, he’s back, he’s selling a new special, and that’s enough to have many people upset. It’s fair to say that the controversy is likely to intensify if more people become aware of what’s said in the new special. According to The Daily Beast, Louis C.K.’s new release, titled Sorry, is not a show where he shares his regrets. It’s an hour where he unapologetically discusses some shocking topics. Below is a quote from The Daily Beast explaining what they saw happen in Sorry. It is a rough rundown, but this is a warning that the information is sensitive and offensive content.

“The comedian’s new material is not for the faint of heart. It has everything. “Child f**ker” jokes that include a very involved journey about being in possession of a little girl’s underwear, more pedophilia jokes with an emphasis on the Boy Scouts of America, COVID-19 jokes, jokes about staring into the human a**hole, 9/11 jokes, gay jokes, Jew jokes, cancer jokes, a heavy helping of transgender jokes, and a sprinkling of additional race jokes. And tons of sex.” – As covered by The Daily Beast.

Again, so far, only those who’ve seen Louis C.K.’s Sorry are talking about its content and slamming the special for that specifically. Most people aren’t happy that he has a special at all. The comedian’s name began trending on Twitter. Many of the tweets were either repeating what they knew about the controversies and misconduct allegations against the comedian. Other tweets focused on the fact that people complain so much about cancel culture, and yet Louis C.K. is still very visible after the sexual misconduct allegations against him became well known. You can see some of what people are saying below.

As shown here, some comedians were still tweeting out the news of the new Louis C.K. special. While many were slamming the special in the news and on Twitter, it appeared that just as many were simply surprised and possibly supportive.

At this time, very little audio or video has been released highlighting what happens in Sorry. Audiences need to purchase the special from Louis C.K.’s website for $10. The special was filmed in August of 2021 at Madison Square Gardens. He is also selling bundle packages that include his other specials for discounted prices. While this is very different from streaming a special on Netflix, filming at Madison Square Garden is still a major honor for any comedian. That it’s something Louis C.K. is able to do at this point is still controversial.