Lindsay Lohan Auctioning A Furry NFT Of Herself

By Dylan Balde | 15 seconds ago

Lindsay Lohan has a new fursona and she’s serving it up to the highest bidder. Canine Cartel, an artist specializing in the creation of humanoid canine NFTs, collaborated with Lohan on a furry reinterpretation of her classic Hollywood features. The result is a white Pomeranian with the actress’s signature blue-green eyes, freckles, and long red hair, dressed in a stylish blue ensemble, seemingly ready to rock the red carpet. Furry Lohan flashes the audience a cheeky grin.

Check out the sight, shared by Lindsay Lohan herself, on social media:

Lindsay Lohan’s Pomeranian alter-ego is available for bidding at crypto-collectibles market OpenSea until October 3, 12 AM PST. That’s in 72 hours or two days. Canine Cartel only accepts payment by Ethereum. So far, the minimum amount bid is $1,499.53. Tough luck for those Lohan superfans who can only afford artwork NFTs priced around $1000 or lower.

Canine Cartel services collectors interested in minting canine furries, mobster mutts with both the fashion style and the attitude to prove their mettle. These 10,000 or so characters can be purchased and customized by buyers, making them part of the aforementioned Cartel. Each dog is linked to a preset NFT, a non-fungible token that represents a digital asset copyrighted to a specific buyer regardless of how often it’s reproduced and is therefore non-interchangeable. Unlike cryptocurrencies, NFTs are cryptographic tokens that cannot be exchanged for something of equal value. When you claim an NFT, it’s yours for good. It won’t matter where the item goes; ownership can still be traced to you. Each Canine Cartel NFT is a unique ERC-721 digital collectible assigned to the Ethereum blockchain. Being a separate collaborative effort, Lindsay Lohan’s snazzy Pomeranian NFT is rightly given a new ERC-1155 designation.

NFTs have taken off in recent years thanks to widespread cryptocurrency support. Artists like Lindsay Lohan hoping to properly copyright their work set the stage for later NFT use; since every NFT has the owner’s unique signature, every succeeding purchase means something. Blockchains, represented as Merkle trees, track everyone who has ever bought (and rightfully owned) a specific NFT. Cryptographic tokens are more draconian and exacting in that everything is documented and piracy is duly prevented.

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NFTs normally service collectibles. Things like digital artworks, card collections, event tickets, in-game purchases, songs, limited-edition film and television showpieces, memes, shoes and clothes, and virtual worlds qualify for NFT designation. Canine Cartel is an example of an NFT series that classifies as both an imagined reality and an art collection. Even pornography can be commodified into NFTs. Aside from Ethereum, NFTs may live on FLOW, Tezos, and Solana blockchains. Lindsay Lohan recently peddled her first single since last year’s Back to Me, an electropop song entitled Lullaby, as an NFT.

It’s been a difficult last 15 years for Lindsay Lohan. The Mean Girls star hasn’t had much luck reviving her career, despite not having needed rehab for over eight years and counting. Her last stay in a Cliffside Malibu facility was impressively short, and though successive legal troubles have haunted her chances going forward, her last run-in with the law was in 2013. By 2015, a judge gladly terminated her probation for good behavior — her first time in eight years being probation-free.

Though her much-awaited Hollywood comeback is still a ways to go, Lohan has been relentless in pursuit of recovery. Aside from new singles released, the 35-year-old starred as Katerina West opposite Rupert Grint’s Daniel Glass in the second season of Sick Note and lent her voice to Douglas Goldstein’s adult comedy Devil May Care only this year. 2019’s Among The Shadows marks Lindsay Lohan’s first major Hollywood role since 2013’s The Canyons. She is playing a detective in Cursed and was recently cast in a Christmas-themed romantic comedy helmed by Netflix. It comes out in 2022 and was written and co-directed by Janeen Damian. In the meantime, the Freaky Friday actress is making furries and dabbling in crypto-collectibles. It’s now the future over the tumultuous past and present.