Kristen Bell’s Husband Posted A Photo Of Her Doing Naked Yoga, He Has Reasons

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

kristen bell

In the past, if you had heard that Dax Shepard posted naked photos of Kristen Bell doing yoga over on Instagram you’d know there would be a certain subsection of the population that would literally sprint to their device to open up the app. But we live in different times folks, in which nudity and the like is celebrated for an entirely different purpose, in this case in the name of empowerment and praise. And that’s just what Shepard was doing on Instagram with this picture of Bell. He was given a shoutout to his wife and the mother of his kids. 

The Instagram post went up on Sunday for Mother’s Day and shows Kristen Bell in socks and nothing else about to do a handstand on their patio. Her behind was covered up for posterity’s and internet regulator’s sake, but the rest is pretty clear. She’s in the nude and Shepard snapped off a quick picture of her getting into a pose. Check out the post which has a different tone than you might suspect:

What follows is anything but a salacious attempt at some NSFW internet trolling on the part of Shepard. No, instead it’s a post full of praise about Kristen Bell as a wife and mother, taking great pride in how she’s “kind, patient, nurturing…” yada, yada, yada we get it. She’s great. Get a room already. He goes on to revel in his luck in landing her as a wife and is obviously proud that they are together. In all, it’s a loving post that Shepard admits is different than the “Moming” of the past as he calls it. 

In terms of Shepard’s praise of Kristen Bell in this photo and just as mom, wife, and actress in general, he’s not wrong about the talent. She’s fantastic, a true triple threat on the stage and screen which is evident by the projects from the past and those that are coming down the pike. She’s set to voice characters on the animated Do, Re, & Mi which will be geared toward the pre-kindergarten character. She’s also set to do voiceover work in the upcoming reboot of Gossip Girl on HBO Max. And she’s also filming the mini-series The Woman in the House.

kristen bell

Following her long run on the hit series The Good Place, Kristen Bell has also received rave reviews for the animated series Central Park which airs on AppleTv. It’s been critically praised for its story about a family living in New York City, fighting against the development of their Central Park home. Its musical numbers, plus overall tone have it as a surprise hit on the streaming platform and it’s been picked up for multiple seasons. 

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have been married for seven years now and it’s clear the latter is feeling as lucky as ever. And honestly, you kind of know their relationship is on pretty solid footing when he’s able to post the name yoga shots and not worry too much about any fallout.