Kid Rock Compares Himself To Brad Pitt In New Song About Cancel Culture

By Erika Hanson | 13 seconds ago

kid rock brad pitt

This past Friday, Robert James Ritchie, better known as Kid Rock released a new single and accompanying video titled Don’t Tell Me How To Live. While staying true to form, the self-proclaimed American Badass delivered another round of controversy with his cocky lyrics and recycled imagery for the new song that focuses on everything he perceives as wrong in modern American culture. But as the world is already much too familiar with the musician’s nuanced standpoints surrounding politics, the real question on everyone’s mind is just exactly how the 50-year-old believes, according to the lyrics in his song, he is just like Brad Pitt.

See the video for the song below:

The video begins with the Detroit Cowboy himself dressed in his signature getup, lighting up a cigar in front of a slew of TVs depicting various news channels. One of the televisions cuts out, and Kid Rock comes on screen with a t-shirt that reads, “Social Media Sucks”. The accompanying lyrics focus on the current state of media, and address his distaste for “snowflakes” and cancel culture. He takes aim at millennials for being the root cause of issues saying, “Every opinion has a millennial offended.”

Kid Rock even brings up gun rights when he says, “But this Amendment One it rings true / And if you don’t dissent…then see Number Two,” implying that the First Amendment guarantees him the right to not only his controversial views but also his right to defend his views with guns. But anyone who is familiar with the Bawitdaba singer is likely accustomed to the singer’s recycled viewpoints, the most intriguing part of his song is his comparisons to other elite men in Hollywood, including Brad Pitt.

“I’m like Reverend Run or David Lee Roth / Like Springsteen bitch, I’m the motherf–king Boss,” Kid Rock declares. “James Dean, s–t / I’m more like Brad Pitt / A little less pretty but I slang more…”

As social media has a hay day with the song that many are declaring something that should have premiered on SNL as one of their famous video parodies, the focus seems to be on mocking the singer for comparing himself to Brad Pitt. Sure, the two both share blonde hair and blue eyes, possibly the reasoning for Kid Rock’s choice. He already confirmed in the lyrics who the better-looking man was-but what else would bring the country-rock star to formulate this choice? If the singer is referring to a similar political stance, the two are clearly on different spectrums. Kid Rock is known for being a longtime Republican, and supporter of Donald Trump. Whereas Brad Pitt has been vocal about his Democratic stance, and disapproval of Trump.

Don’t Tell Me How To Live, which the singer ironically promoted on social media, marks Kid Rock’s first song since his last album, Sweet Southern Sugar, released in 2017. In recent years, the musician has lived up to his hard edge persona, receiving attention for various controversies. In 2019, the self-proclaimed Nashville Cowboy (he’s not even from there) received global attention after a video surfaced of him at his Nashville restaurant spouting a vile misogynistic drunken rant against Oprah Winfrey.

And as Kid Rock remains vocal against pandemic mandates, his Nashville bar and steakhouse faced a temporary closure last year citing covid violations. In his most recent drunken stint over the summer, the musician was recorded at a Tennesee bar drunkenly dropping homophobic slurs. While Brad Pitt is no stranger to public attention, all of Rock’s recent bits are behaviors we can’t imagine anyone but the lude rockstar himself acting out.