Kevin Spacey Is The Subject Of A New Controversial Documentary

Kevin Spacey is currently dealing with many allegations of sexual abuse, and now the man is going to be the subject of a documentary that will detail his life.

By James Brizuela | Published

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A British broadcaster by the name of Channel 4 is going to be engaging in creating a two-part docuseries that is going to dive deeper into the life of Kevin Spacey. This new documentary is said to take a “forensic” look at the maligned actor’s life. This new documentary has a working tile of Spacey Unmasked. It promises to follow his life from the Broadway stage, to becoming a massive movie star, and into the allegations of his grooming, sexual harassment, and abuse. This new documentary will also follow the lawsuits that the actor is currently involved in.

It does seem a bit odd that Kevin Spacey is wanting a documentary to come out right now, as he is currently in the middle of two court cases. His first accuser is Anthony Rapp, which will see his lawsuit against the actor take place in October of this year. Spacey will also be dealing with the new charges that have been brought against him in the UK. He is due in court for these new charges on July 14th.

This new Kevin Spacey documentary will be produced by Roast Beef Productions and All3Media International. Kira Phillips is set to direct the documentary. She famously directed another Channel 4 documentary called, Jeremy Kyle: Death on Daytime. The film will be executive produced by Dorothy Byrne, who was the former Channel 4 news chief. According to a statement by Byrne, “These films will follow the unfolding story of the allegations of abuse against him and the resulting court cases.” It sounds as if the spin on this new documentary is going to potentially focus on Spacey being a potential victim in these court cases. This is just wild speculation, but that could happen. That certainly could be why the documentary is moving forward with the man surrounded by such controversy.

Kevin Spacey was one of the actors that had been called out during the worldwide #metoo movement. Anthony Rapp came out to the media and explained that Spacey attempted to force himself on the man when he was only 14 years old, while they had been at a party with one another. This initial claim led to Spacey being fired from the highly popular Netflix series, House of Cards. More recently, the actor had been accused of four counts of sexual assault by three different men in the UK. He is due in court next month to determine if he will be formally charged.

Kevin Spacey has been out of the limelight in the past five years because of the first accusation against him. He had apparently been attempting to make his acting come back. He is set to appear in three different films, including one where he portrays famous writer Gore Vidal. However, with these new charges being brought against him, he may need to step away from acting yet again.

This new documentary could tell a much different story for Kevin Spacey, considering that it has been stated the doc will take a much deeper at the actor’s issues. However, he has some serious allegations being brought against him, including the newest ones in the UK, so the public opinion of the man might never improve.