Kevin Sorbo Trends After Coming Out Against A Big Decision

In recent years, former Hercules Kevin Sorbo has become more famous for outspoken opinions than acting, and today is no different.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

kevin sorbo

Kevin Sorbo is currently trending on Twitter, and as with most trends these days, it is not for anything particularly fun. The former Hercules actor is very active on the social media network, as well as popular; his personal account currently has over one million followers. While Kevin Sorbo is certainly no stranger to controversy these days, a recent Tweet might have put him over the top for many fans. Here is the statement Kevin Sorbo made that has caused all the furor:

It can be reasonably assumed that Kevin Sorbo (or @ksorbs, per his official handle) is referring to the ongoing military conflict between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, which began in February earlier this year in February. So far, the Ukraine-Russian war has caused the biggest European refugee crisis since World War II, displaced a staggering third of the total population of Ukraine, and caused food shortages around the world. He seems to take issue with the aid that the United States government has sent to Ukraine, which totals $1.7 billion so far, with another $300 million promised. Kevin Sorbo is known as a prominent conservative and supporter of former President Donald Trump. After a brief period of support for Ukraine after the invasion, many conservatives have turned against support for the beleaguered Eastern European invasion and the aid being sent to them, hence the root of the Tweet. 

Here are some of the responses so far to Kevin Sorbo:

As one might expect, Kevin Sorbo has found himself (however briefly) at the center of a divisive issue. While there are plenty of people who agree with himand feel that the United States is practicing wasteful spending by providing support to Ukraine, there are at least as many that disagree. Many of those people seem to be expressing themselves by insulting Kevin Sorbo personally, attacking his politics, or, worst of all, comparing him to Steven Seagal.

Much like Kevin Sorbo, Steven Seagal is generally thought of as having left the better part of his career as an action star in show business behind. While the former actor seems to oppose American aid to Ukraine, despite his extremely vocal professed faith as a Christian and its tenets of generosity and acts of goodwill, Steven Seagal is actually an active member of the Russian campaign in Ukraine. Recently, Seagal actually appeared to give a report at the site of a destroyed former prison where numerous Ukrainian prisoners of war had died, claiming that it was the work of Ukrainian missiles.

This will undoubtedly not be the last time that Kevin Sorbo finds himself trending on Twitter for some opinion he has expressed. In particular, many Twitter users are using an infamous series of Tweets from Kevin Sorbo during the January 6 attempted insurrection, in which he appeared to be supporting the mob of Trump partisans who invaded the Capitol building, only to quickly claim they were actually ANTIFA when it became apparent severe violence was being committed.