Kevin Hart Levels Up His Prank War With Another Celebrity, See The Outrageous Pic

By Erika Hanson | 3 months ago

kevin hart irresponsible

What do you gift someone that just announced they are having their eighth child with a fourth baby mama? Apparently, if you’re comedian Kevin Hart, you gift them a vending machine full of free condoms. That’s exactly what the legendary grown little man did this past week in an ongoing prank war with one of his best buds, Nick Cannon. See the larger-than-life gift below.

After revealing news that was surely unsurprising to everyone else, Nick Cannon announced on his daytime talk show recently that he was expecting his eighth child with model Bre Tiesi. While the child will be Tiesi’s first, the bundle of joy will mark Nick’s fifth baby in less than two years. To commemorate the occasion, Kevin Hart showed off his iconic Napoleon complex and legendary pranking prowess with a suitable early Valentine’s gift. At first, Cannon seemed clueless as to who sent him the gag gift. Taking to Instagram, yesterday, the 41-year-old presenter shared a photo proudly posing next to the red-bow adorned vending machine filled to the brim with Magnums. Perplexed, Cannon captioned the photo with the following: “Looks like somebody just sent me an early Valentine’s Day gift!! Vending Machine full of Magnums.”

While Nick Cannon may have played coy about the gift and its sender, plenty of users took to the comment section to ask Cannon if it was Kevin Hart, the man behind several other pranks, who sent the thoughtful gift. Later that day, Hart broke the silence as he shared the same photograph to his Instagram, with a caption reading, “I see u got my gift @nickcannon ….GOTCHA BI***!!!!!! ….Now u don’t have an excuse because the condoms are free.” In the comment section, Cannon replied, “This is not a laughing matter Kevin!!!! “

The prank wars are nothing new to either Kevin Hart or Nick Cannon. Last year, the two shared a moment after Kevin Hart revealed that Nick sent him a llama, and not the stuffed kind, as a prank for his birthday. Bemused and shocked by the new “pet”, Hart took to Instagram to share the gag with the rest of the world with a video of the large animal. With a note stating that becoming a father once again made him think Hart should have something new and alive as well. While Hart explicitly ripped Cannon a new one for the joke, he was obviously tickled by the prank, as it is something the stand-up comedian would do himself.

Ending the Instagram video vowing to get revenge, it didn’t take long for the Jumanji star to get back at Cannon. Sharing an Instagram post of billboards in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York, Kevin Hart got sweet revenge on his friend. The billboards directed people to Nick Cannon’s actual cell phone number and encouraged them to call him for any and all fatherhood advice that they may need. Also seeming amused by the prank, Cannon even shared a video of himself taking a few FaceTime calls from the plethora of fans rining up his line before he had enough.

While the rest of the world has seemingly had enough with Nick Cannon and his multiple controversies, Kevin Hart seems unbothered by the naysayers as he takes advantage of the dismal story and turns it into something more lighthearted. Cannon himself has recently opened up about his promiscuous doings. Doubling back earlier last week on his recent child announcement, Nick Cannon apologized to all of his baby mamas for not respecting their privacy. Discussing the topic further on his talk show, Canon said, “I misspoke and probably went too much into detail on Monday expressing my feelings and it probably felt like I was making some comparatives when talking about the passing of my son Zen and then also talking about the new child I’m expecting”. While the rest of the world might be judging Canon for his choices and handling of his personal affairs, all we can focus on is when we will get return vengeance on Kevin Hart as we muse over what shenanigans might come next.