See Kesha In See-Through Dress That Reveals Everything, NSFW

Nothing is left to the imagination.

By Joshua Jones | Published

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Kesha is known for her hit, top-charting singles “We R Who We R” and “Right Round” featuring rap artist Flo Rida. The 35-year-old singer’s career was halted thanks to a legal dispute with her former producer, Dr. Luke. Her last studio album, High Road, managed to garner positive reviews from critics with many praising the singer for maturity and confidence. She also showed a lot of confidence earlier this week by walking in public in a black see-through dress. Her sleek outfit reveals her breast and upper torso. The singer was heading off to dinner with her mother at Giorgi Baldi in Santa Monica.

The see-through dress also reveals Kesha’s black underwear, which matches the color of the overall outfit. Kesha herself has a confident, ‘don’t care what anyone thinks’ look that many were endeared by during the singer’s prime. The dress, in many ways, reflects many of the thematic elements of the singer’s music. Influenced by various artists such as Madonna, Queen, The Killers, and more, Kesha’s music exemplifies a sense of freedom of expression and escapism. More often than not, music allows us to momentarily escape societal norms and imagine who we genuinely want to be. The dress exemplifies the individuality that Kesha expressed in many of her songs. While the dress may be too revealing for some, Kesha may be wearing this to showcase her whole self for the world to see.

There’s also a bit of grief and mourning when looking at the dress. While the dress isn’t entirely solid black, it gives off the dark, gloomy vibe of a funeral setting. However, what throws it off is the see-through aspects of it, which relates to the individuality aspects of Kesha’s music. The dress’s see-through characteristics also align with the fact that the singer doesn’t have any makeup on, at least not in the way most famous female musicians would while in public. Kesha really does have an understated look and vibe, though at the same time can color outside the lines. It’s not only reflected in her music but in what she wears.

Kesha has said in the past that she prefers not to label her sexuality. The singer has said, she’s “always been attracted to the soul of a person’s eyes” rather than their gender. It once again speaks to her willingness to express her individuality. The singer is also known for giving impromptu tattoos to random people and has been involved with LGTB activism and animal rights. Kesha in the past has dealt with an eating disorder, something she partially blamed Dr. Luke for when he allegedly compared the shape of the singer’s body to that of a refrigerator.

Regarding any future tracks, Kesha doesn’t appear to have anything down the pipeline. She is starring and executive producing the show Conjuring Kesha for Discovery+. The show focuses on Kesha and her celebrity friends exploring paranormal hotspots around the world. Kesha films all the action using an old VHS camcorder, harkening to the 80s slasher and horror films. It seems like whatever the signer is involved in, she wants to do it in her own way.