See Katy Perry Wearing A Nearly Topless Outfit At The CMAs

Katy Perry wore a low-cut denim outfit to the CMAs.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

Katy Perry has been one of the biggest pop stars in the world for going on 15 years now, and she has been committed to often risque, always goofy style. Both of those crucial elements were on full blast on the red carpet of the recent Country Music Awards, where The Smurfs star displayed an all-denim, nearly topless outfit that rocked paparazzi and audiences alike. Never let it be said that Katy Perry does not have the courage to rock a scandalous outfit in real life as much as she does in her music videos. 

Katy Perry was at the CMAs in order to perform with country singer Thomas Rhett, duetting their recent collaboration “Where We Started.” The all-denim outfit is likely to match Rhett, who is known for his denim-on-top, denim-on-bottom outfits, though it is also hard to imagine that it is not a reference to the infamous outfits worn by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the 2001 American Music Awards. But since Britney seems to prefer to post pictures of herself in the buff these days, it seems that Katy Perry is there to swoop in on the sudden denim power vacuum. 

The outfit itself consists of a tight, form-fitting tube top with a frayed hem and straps falling off her bare shoulders. It is breathtakingly low cut, but, then again, Katy Perry has never shown what you might call shyness in displaying her natural assets. She is also wearing a pair of loose-fitting denim pants, with a truly enormous bow resting on one hip. Seriously, check out the bow. It is just huge. 

The entire outfit is accentuated by a heavy diamond choker and diamond-encrusted earrings, which are probably the most understated part of Katy Perry’s outfit. According to the pop star’s Instagram tags, her long black hair was styled by Jesus Guerrero, while her makeup (which makes her famously blue eyes pop amazingly) is by stylist Michael Anthony. While no one can ever accuse Katy Perry of not going full-bore on outrageous fashion, pretty much everyone has to admit she looks good doing so. 

katy perry

While Katy Perry is by far best known for her pop music career, which includes hits like “California Gurls” (featuring future biopic subject Snoop Dogg) and “E.T.” (featuring the much-embattled Kanye West), she also has a pretty solid career in movies and television. She has voiced the character of Smurfette in two different CGI movies with Neil Patrick Harris, and has been serving as one of the judges of the long-running reality competition show American Idol since 2018.

Of course, as enormously successful and popular as Katy Perry is, she has occasionally encountered her share of controversies. For one, she notably scandalized many prudes around the nation when she appeared on the iconic educational children’s show Sesame Street in an outfit that some deemed to be a little too revealing to be around Elmo. For another, she was shockingly upstaged by her own shark in a performance. For shame, Left Shark.