Katee Sackhoff Responds To Accusations Condemning Her Recent Posts

By Michileen Martin | 4 months ago

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“Don’t feed the trolls,” is often a good piece of advice for anyone dealing with rude and obnoxious people on the Internet. It’s not only good advice for all of us, but in particular it’s sage wisdom for celebrities. As ridiculous or hateful the things are that the trolls throw at the stars, an ill-considered response could do a lot more damage to the celebrity than the offending fan. But sometimes what the so-called troll posts is just so off-the-wall and misdirected the celeb has to respond, and that’s where the famous Battlestar Galactica alum Katee Sackhoff found herself this past weekend.

Sackhoff has found her new competing roles of actress, mother, and wife challenging. Many of the posts to Katee Sackhoff’s Instagram as of late — particularly her Instagram Stories — have covered her struggles striking a healthy balance. For example, there’s the video below. While it’s done with some purposeful, and effective, cuteness, it also makes it clear motherhood has forced Sackhoff to multitask at a new kind of level.

Among other things, in recent Instagram Stories, Katee Sackhoff has said she’s considering the option of retiring from acting to focus more on raising her child. It would certainly be a loss for fans of the actress’ work, but it’s tough to blame her. Considering the long hours of working on TV and film sets — and the intense demands of raising a child, particularly a newborn — who could fault her for prioritizing her child over her work? Below, you can see a screenshot of one of her Stories in which she discussed a possible retirement.

katee sackhoff

At least one fan somehow did the mental gymnastics necessary to be offended by Katee Sackhoff’s Stories. CinemaBlend reports the fan in question wrote “Oh boo boo an utterly privileged mum asking for sympathy with huge resources and back up plans — just put yourself in the position of having none of your advantages and just take a moment to check your privilege ffs.” Rather than ignoring the commenter, Sackhoff understandably referred to them as the “one a**hole in the bunch.” She also wrote, “It always blows my mind that some people don’t understand how you can have more than one feeling at a time. You can feel sad while simultaneously feeling blessed and fortunate! It’s comments like this guy that make an authentic expression difficult. IF you think I’m that terrible why would you follow me!?”

This isn’t the first time Katee Sackhoff has suffered abuse at a fan’s hands, but one negative interaction in particular had a much more permanent result. In 2001, she had “bona fiscalia” tattooed to her arm. Sackhoff said the Latin words stand for “public property,” which is how an angry fan referred to her when she asked for some privacy. Twenty years later, she had an artist tattoo something new to cover up the words. The newer tattoo is a robin, representing her husband Robin Gadsby.

To be fair, there are likely plenty more fans than ever who hope Katee Sackhoff doesn’t say goodbye to acting. In a since deleted tweet The Book of Boba Fett star Ming-Na Wen let it slip that a series based on Sackhoff’s Star Wars character Bo-Katan was on the way. However, we’re confident Sackhoff will decide what’s best for her and her family, and hope she has to suffer a minimum of fools.