See Kate Beckinsale In A Tutu Rollerskate With Her Cat

By Nathan Kamal | 1 month ago

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale is one of our favorite people around here. It is not just that she posts pictures of herself in form-fitting latex dresses (although that certainly does help) or that she does workouts that look like they would destroy anyone but her, Dwayne Johnson, and Brie Larson. It is not even that she has appeared as a deadly vampire assassin in pleather in many, many movies, or helped Hugh Jackman’s Van Helsing kill vampires. All of those things contribute to the whole, but we also love her for her fluffy gray Persian cat Clive. Clive features prominently on Kate Beckinsale’s Instagram page, and just recently, the actor posted a picture of herself skating with Clive grumpily nestled in her arms. Check it out:

Of course, you have to slide to the second image. The first image is of Kate Beckinsale solo, apparently lounging in a big black leather armchair. Her brunette hair is pulled up into a messy bun, held back with a black ribbon. She is staring to camera with her lips made up in dark pink, and she appears to be wearing a onesie (or it could be pajamas, knowing Kate Beckinsale) in a top and pale blue pinstripe pattern. But then the second image is really where things are at. In this shot, Kate Beckinsale still has her hair up in the messy bun, but now she has traded the pajamas/onesie for what appears to be a white tutu with puff shoulders. She is also wearing black tights (or maybe yoga pants), and at the end of things, roller skates with hot pink laces. 

And that is where Kate Beckinsale shines. She begins the short video at the far end of a white hall, and rolls forward, squatting as she goes to display Clive’s gloriously fluffy gray furry to the camera. It’s whimsical. It’s fun. It’s Kate Beckinsale and Clive. Here’s some more Kate Beckinsale and Clive: 

The third photo is a close-up picture of a very pink flower, while the fourth is Kate Beckinsale at a gathering with a friend named Marsha Molinari. It is the fifth image that gets back to the good stuff, with Clive sitting on a tile floor wearing a flowery Hawaiin shirt and the permanently grumpy expression shared by all Persian cats. Then we see his gaze broken by a very familiar pair hot pink-laced skates going back and forth across the floor. Good stuff. No, great stuff. 

Kate Beckinsale recently starred on the Paramount+ series Guilty Party, in which she played a disgraced journalist looking for information on a mysterious murder from the past. She is most famous for the longrunning Underworld series of films, but that particular franchise appears to be on ice. She is currently set to star in an upcoming film by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Charlie Day (formerly known as El Tonto, until Guillermo del Toro told him no) and another film titled Prisoner’s Daughter. Clive’s upcoming projects have not yet been announced.