See Kate Beckinsale In A Swimsuit And Lace Veil

This was not a look we expected.

By Michileen Martin | Published

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kate beckinsale

If there’s one thing Kate Beckinsale has proven in her social media presence, it’s that she isn’t afraid to get risky with fashion. It doesn’t matter if it’s skintight latex or obscenity-laden t-shirts; Beckinsale will wear it all online and she’ll always look good doing it. Still, her most recent choice is kind of surprising. Don’t get us wrong, she still looks sexy, but in her latest social media post Beckinsale not only mixes swimwear with nighttime fashion, but she gets her attire from the same place where you can buy deli sandwiches.

On Thursday, Kate Beckinsale posted a shot to her official Instagram account of herself in a one-piece swimsuit from the UK-based bakery chain Greggs. We know it’s from Greggs because, as you’ll notice right away, the company’s name and logo are printed on every inch of the swimwear. With the swimsuit she pairs a veil, white bow in her hair, and a white belt. Beckinsale captions the pic with, “Everyone relax -it is possible to take a Gregg’s swimsuit from day to night PANIC OVER.” You can see the post below.

By the way, if you’re wondering whether or not it’s difficult researching a swimsuit with the name “Greggs” printed all over it if you’re not based in the UK–yes. Yes it is. Searching “greggs swimsuit” will likely lead you to one of two things; the Gregg Homme line of men’s swimwear (which clearly doesn’t apply to Kate Beckinsale), or the swimwear designed by Gabi Gregg specifically for plus-sized women (which also doesn’t apply to Beckinsale). Should we have intuitively known the actress was wearing a swimsuit from a place that sells sausage rolls? Maybe.

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten to see Kate Beckinsale on the big screen, whether she was wearing bikinis from bakeries or anything else. Thankfully, that’s about to change. Next Friday, September 9th, Prisoner’s Daughter makes its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. Beckinsale leads the cast as Maxine, a single mother fighting to get by while raising her son Ezra (Christopher Convery). Her life becomes even more complicated when her father Max, played by Succession‘s Brian Cox, is released from prison and must live with Maxine as a condition of his parole. With a pancreatic cancer diagnosis leaving Max only months to live, he’s desperate to reconnect with his daughter and grandson.

Ironically, in spite of all the action films under her belt like last year’s Jolt and the Underworld series, it turned out to be during the production of the drama Prisoner’s Daughter that she suffered what sounds like one of the most painful injuries she’s ever endured, if not the worst. On an October 2021 episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, Beckinsale revealed she was in her hotel room putting on a pair of leggings when in her back “it felt like sort of a guitar string snapped and everything was horrific.” She said the pain was worse than “having a baby,” and since she gave birth to her daughter Lily in 1999, she would know.